10 Best One-Liners Ever that are Life Changing!

The Internet is filled with motivational best one-liners ever! Short inspirational quotes about love, realizing your worth quotes, find happiness in yourself quotes, be good to yourself quotes… the list goes on. And Google never disappoints when we need our daily doses of inspiration. A fact.

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There are days I desperately search for self-care ideas or anything pick me up and voila! I am rewarded with life-changing statements-mostly short and sweet. I wonder what makes people look for them? Why are we so interested in reading quotes? Why are they evergreen? It’s interesting if you notice, inspirational quotes never lose their relevance. They are always in demand. There is always SOMEONE looking for them, reading them and hoping all will be well as the quote says.

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Short inspirational quotes about love or strength always stay relevant. It does not need to “trend” or be a breaking news or a headliner for people to remember. It is just there you see. As a living current that guides the flow of life, our mindset and destiny.

Best One-Liners Ever! Realizing your Worth Quotes

best one liners ever that are life changing



I have written once- human beings are innately optimistic.  Even when things burn down around, there is a tiny part of them that knows it is going to be okay. Life will turn around for the better. This knowing in us makes us rely heavily on inspirational or realizing your worth quotes- since it symbolizes hope and fulfillment.

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As a Mom, many at times I have found myself googling for one-liners that help me get by in difficult situations. In many of my breaking points when I hated myself for various stuff, I have taken refuge in the words of someone that I have never known personally. A total stranger or an “anonymous” person’s quote have helped me get past dark phases. It’s funny when I actually say that loud or silly even, but the truth remains. I will be close to shooting myself but these quotes just sweep into me gently, calming me down, reasoning.  And suddenly, shooting becomes out of the question!

Such is the power of quotes. Never underestimate them.

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So that brings me to today’s post. I am sharing 10 best one-liners ever. They are short and sweet self-love quotes for moms. 10 of my favourites that have helped me survive when goings get tough. Although they are short, they get the point across just fine. Also, easy to remember too.

I know these quotes are just words, but I also know they are powerful enough to rewire your mind to face life when you feel you cannot stand back up.


10 Best One-Liners Ever that are Life Changing!

Self love techniques


1.Self-Love is not selfish. You cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.

2.Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.

3.Be yourself. There is no one better.

4.The more you love yourself, less nonsense you tolerate. 

5.Not one drop of my self-worth depends on your acceptance of me. 

6.You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first. 

7.You not wanting me was the beginning of me wanting myself. (Beautiful and so true!)

8.Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It is sanity.

9.If you want to soar in life, you must first learn to F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)

10.Self-respect, self-worth and self-love, all start with Self. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value.


Okay, there you have it. My favourite one-liners when thinking about self-love, self-care and self-worth. I have intentionally taken out the name of the authors of these quotes coz I was not able to find the names of ALL of them on the list. Some are anonymous. So in order to make it fair, I stripped the author names off from all the quotes.

Will it be strange if I say this? But I find reading short inspirational quotes as a great self-care practice. It has a meditative quality to it. Reading them is uplifting, it calms my soul and inspires confidence. It is my virtual pat on the back, a positive affirmation to my mental self that all is well.

It is also fun to find new quotes daily- my favourites are realizing your worth quotes and find happiness in yourself quotes.

Read any best one-liners ever recently that is not listed here? Share away!


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