10 Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Spring Season


Who is ready for Spring? No kidding right?

We all know Groundhog LIED. BIG TIME.



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Like seriously, Groundhog?😂

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If you are thinking there is no end to this snow and cold, keep faith sister. We are almost there. Yay Spring!

Spring season is here, almost. It is time to wake up with a myriad of ideas guaranteed to kick your spirits into high gear while spreading infectious joy. We all know the merits of Spring cleaning and organization but there are other ways to get into the swing of things.

Remember to keep those windows open! Ah…

Even writing about Spring gives me much happiness. Can’t wait to cut back on those layers while stepping out and expecting the worst when listening to Weather. Hell, no need to listen to Weather anymore if you ask me. I can handle it from here, thank you! 


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Anyhow, the following are some ideas I put together to enjoy this beautiful Spring season coming up. By God, I know we deserve to enjoy, don’t you think?


10 Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Spring Season


How to enjoy spring season


1. Walk in the Rain


April showers bring Mayflowers, and what do Mayflowers bring? Wait for a gentle drizzle, kick off your shoes, and traipse through your backyard. Be sure to wiggle your toes and feel the grass between them.


2. Soak Some Sun and Read Some Fiction


Take the time to devour a book that will put you in a good mood. Nab a harlequin romance, science fiction, or a Newberry award winner. Read what you love and let it raise your spirits.


3. Volunteer


Take one night and work at an animal shelter or soup kitchen. People will notice the selfless vibe and spring in your step for days.


4. Purge your Fridge


Toss the mystery meats and troublesome tupper wares haunting the back of your refrigerator and scrub it down. There is something special about seeing all of your fresh food pop out against the crisp white background.


5. Friendly Competition


Head outside and play some basketball, volleyball, or any sport. Bring some pals along and give it your best. Nothing beats sitting down and bonding after a game while exhausted and surrounded by friends.


6. Tall, Cool, Beverages


Lemonade, ice tea, Kool-Aid. Choose your favorite and kick one back.


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7. Yoga


Why not reawaken your body and mind as the world thaws? There are plenty of park district courses to take and instructional DVDs you can borrow from your library. Twenty minutes of yoga will bring even the dreariest day into focus.


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8. Write Letters


Think about the people you could not live without. Now sit down and write each of them a personalized note. Make sure you mail it, even if they only live two blocks away. This day and age getting some snail-mail worth reading is a special event.


9. Listen to New Music


Ask a musician friend or even the clerk at Best Buy for a band they don’t think you’ve heard, something they enjoy and want to share. Make the time to listen to the whole album while cleaning your home or, if you’re lucky, with headphones on as the sun sets.


10. Smile


No need to hide those pearly whites. Share that smile with the world and see even the dourest stranger perk up.




Make your own list and share it! You will never know what personal rituals will bring happiness to YOUR day.


Ok, so above is MY list to enjoy Spring season in style. Share what’s yours in comments and we can begin to make the BEST use of warmer days up ahead!



xoxo Mama.




10 Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Spring Season

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