10 Varieties of Essential Oils for Self-Care

Using Essential Oils for Self-Care is a great idea that thousands of people are doing around the world.
If you’re new to the essential oils world, you’ll find that there are so many great options out there to help you through the various trials and tribulations of life.


When it comes to self-care, finding ways to cope and overcome is important. There are literally a ton of different varieties of essential oils that can help, but here are 10 varieties that you can rest easy knowing that they are going to specifically help you in ways that you’ve been needing.


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Use these essential oil suggestions as a way to find how to naturally give yourself the self-care that you need and deserve.

10 Varieties of Essential Oils for Self-Care


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When it comes to self-care, these essential oils can really help!


1. Lavender


Lavender has been shown to help lessen the feelings of anxiety and stress. And once you’re able to alleviate some of that, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel.


2. Mandarin


While it may smell like an orange, the Mandarin essential oil is great for self-care. You can use it to help you fall asleep better and have a much more peaceful and restful sleep.


3. Rose


If you immediately think of the flower, just know that this essential oil is different. While it does have a pleasant aroma to it, it offers up the ability to help you stay focused and calm.


4. Frankincense


This is the king of all essential oils! Give your mood a change of pace with the use of Frankincense. Just a few drops in your diffuser can cause you to have a whole different outlook on the day.


5. Peppermint


Everyone loves the scent of peppermint! Just a few drops can alert your senses and make you feel more awake and on top of things! Use peppermint as a great way to be able to focus on and “wake” up your body. And did you know peppermint can work magic with your headaches? Yep!


6. Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus essential oil just screams spa and relaxation. Treat yourself to the scent and smell and allow your mind and body to be totally at ease.


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7. Jasmine


I use Jasmine essential oil daily! If you’re looking for a way to settle down and relieve stress, this needs to be on your radar. It can help to accomplish that, and so much more!


8. Lemon



There’s something awesome about the smell of lemon essential oil. Maybe it’s because it smells light and airy or maybe you know that it can bring a smile to your face easily. Either way, let lemon take care of you with just a few drops of essential oil.

9. Cedar Wood


While this might smell a little more musky, it’s great for men and women to help with self-care. Add a few drops to your diffuser and see how it can help you alleviate those feelings and thoughts of stress.

10. Basil


Not just a spice for cooking! Basil essential oil can help to clear your mind and help put yourself at ease.


These 10 essential oils for self-care are just what you need to get centered and focused! Use them with your diffuser daily to find out which ones work the best for you! After all, when it comes to self-care you need to be making certain that you’re putting yourself first!




With  love, Vinma



10 Varieties of Essential Oils for Self-Care


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