13 Different Ways to Use a Sponge Around The House


I think it is safe to say, we all have a sponge or two lying around in our house. Well let me enlighten you with some different ways to use those sponges. Yes you can still scrub your pots and pans with it, but you also might want to buy a few more for other tasks.

Sponges, when handled properly, can really come in handy for many different uses. Plus it doesn’t take but more than a few minutes to clean a dirty sponge. Just take a wet (non-metal) sponge and place in the microwave for about two minutes. That will kill the bacteria that could be growing. Or if you have a dishwasher, then wash them when you do a load. 

13 Unique Ways to Use Sponges Around The House 

13 Unique Ways to Use Sponges

1. Place to Hold Bar Soap

Place a sponge under your bar soap, it will help dry out the soap in between uses, and prevent slimy mess on your counter. 

2. Pin Cushion

 If you love to sew, think of using a sponge as a pin cushion. The pins will go in nicely and be secure, and you want have to worry about losing them, or having one fall on floor and stepping on it. 

3. Soothe a Toothache

 Waiting to get in to the dentist, and have a toothache. Simply dampen an unused sponge with whiskey, mouthwash, vanilla extract, or other numbing agent and apply to tooth! 

4. Nail Polish Remover

 Have you seen in stores where you can buy a container that has a sponge in it, and then you stick your finger in and swish around to remove your nail polish?! Well make your own for 1/2 the cost. Use a small container or jar you have laying around, then add some nail polish remover in, and get to work. The sponge soaks up the polish remover, and when you rub your finger on the sponge it wipes away your polish. 

5. Silent Blocks

 If you have children create silent blocks. Buy some sponges for washing your car (the really big ones) and cut them up into shapes. Then let your child stack their silent blocks up and knock them down without a loud noise. 

6. Sponge Ice Pack

If you are in a bind and need an ice pack, take a wet sponge and put inside a freezer bag. Place in the freezer and let it set for a few hours. Then you have a ice pack for on the go, or to put on an ouchie! 

7. Polish Silver

 Grab a damp sponge and some baking soda, and polish some silver. Works great on shining it up. 

8. Pet Fur in Car

If you love your furry friend riding in the car, but find they leave fur behind, then grab a sponge! You can use it to wipe off your car seats, the sponge works great at pulling up the stuck on fur. Then vacuum up the fur for a clean car. 

9. Refrigerator Smells

 Pour some baking soda onto a sponge and place in a drawer or shelf in the fridge to help soak up refrigerator odors! Wash the sponge about every 2-4 weeks. Then sprinkle more baking soda on and re-use it. 

10. Remove Wallpaper

 If you are working to remove wallpaper and find some really stuck on spots. Take some hot water and soak your sponge, then get the hard stuck on area of wallpaper wet, it will help loosen up the glue and you can peel the paper off. 

11. Sealing Envelopes

 If you hate the way the glue taste on envelopes, grab a wet sponge and wipe where the seal mark is on the envelope! This is great for when you have a lot of envelopes to seal for parties, wedding invites, and more. 

12. Sprout Seeds

For fast growing seeds (marigolds and other flowers)  you can sprout them on a damp sponge. Just embed seeds in the sponge and set it on a place. Place in a sunny spot and water when the sponge begins to feel dry. Every day or two. 

13. Plants Hydrated

 To keep plants hydrated longer, place a sponge in the bottom of the pot. When you water the plant it will trickle the water down to the bottom of the pot, and the sponge will soak it up. Then the plant can pull the water out of the sponge, keeping it hydrated in between waters. If the sponge is to big, cut it down to size. 

Its amazing how we can use sponge in different ways. Next time, when you see a sponge lying around the house, think of these ideas 🙂


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