15 Daily Journal Prompts for Beginners


Looking for daily journal prompts ideas? Keep reading!


I write about journaling on the blog. A lot.

To me, it is therapeutic and liberating. I am a writer so journaling is second nature to me. But I never realized it might not be the same for everyone until today.

What good is having access to sweets if you are diabetic?


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Well, the point is you can read everything I write about the theoretic part of journaling and call it a day. But if you don’t know where to start or what to write in your journal, It will not make any sense to you. And  I will not be doing a good job of encouraging you to start journaling for better self-care. If you are interested, that is.

So let’s change all that, shall we?


15 Daily Journal Prompts for Beginners


Daily Journal Prompts for Depression


Today, I will share with you 15 daily journal prompts for beginners, great for therapy. They are prompts to nudge you to pull out your journal every day and start writing. Pick one from the list and gently play around the idea mentally. What comes to your mind about that prompt? Analyze your feelings. Don’t write anything yet. No need to shape words right away. Just allow your mind to wander, without restraints. Pay attention to your thoughts. See where it takes you. Watch your emotions. What are you feeling right now? Are you happy? Or Sad? Do you feel uncertain?

Indulge in that.

daily journal prompts
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Let your mind come back to you slowly as you pick up your pen to write. I am sure now you are ready to begin your journal πŸ™‚

For example, “ I feel great today because…”


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This is a favorite prompt of mine. So I will use that as an example.


I feel great today because I woke up well-rested. I was able to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before the kids were up. We all got ready on time for the day and were out through the door to catch the school bus and beat the morning traffic. Work was great and some challenges kept things interesting. I learned new things which are always exciting. Had great chat with colleagues on lunch and everyone had a nice smile- the best! Coffee at the vending machine never disappoints me. Always fresh and hot, just what I need. Surprisingly no traffic back home and I certainly used the time in the car to listen to some good music. Dinner was ready by the time I was home and kids were nicely sitting down at the dinner table waiting for mommy. Oh my heart, it always melts for my little ones. The best part of the day is seeing them again after the morning rush. And also hanging out with them a little longer before bed. After everyone settled down for the night, I set up the essential oils diffuser with my favorite oil for the night, lavender. It is great for sleep. I take stock of my blessings today and become greatly aware of the gratitude flooding my soul. There are just too many to count!

No wonder I feel great today…


This is what more or less I would write in my journal about why I feel great. Please note, it is bare-bones as you can expect since the idea is to give you a taste of journaling. You may write differently as your day might be nothing like mine.  But I hope it will help you to start somewhere.

If I may, I would recommend gratitude journaling as it has done wonders for me in terms of personal growth. When you see life as a blessing (although it might not feel like it always), you can’t help but be thankful for every little thing you have. This exercise, in turn, will trigger your interest in self care and self love. That’s just the way it rolls sister!


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The following are my recommended daily journal prompts for beginners.



  1. I feel great today because…
  2. I am thankful that…
  3. If I could change one thing in my life right now, it would be…
  4. I love my life because
  5. What I learned today is
  6. I am happy when
  7. My favorite word for today is “_____” because
  8. I am truly blessed because
  9. It is inspiring to think…
  10. Worrying does me no good, “______” does. Because…
  11. If I could avoid one distraction in my life, it is…
  12. If I must take a risk at this moment for the greater good, it is…
  13. If I can say one thing to my Past Me, it is…
  14. If I can say one thing to my Future Me, it is…
  15. I am already dreaming about new beginnings now that 2019 is almost over. I look forward to 2020 mostly because…


Before you work through this list at the end of the day every day, find a quiet place in your home to settle down. Make sure you have your gratitude journal at hand. Close your eyes and think about the day you had. What a beautiful day it has been! Let your soul wash over with gratitude for a minute. Allow your mind to bring any sadness/anger you were feeling today for whatever reason. Address it if you can and resolve it mentally if possible. Please let yourself remember that each day brings new possibilities. Every day is a new chance to try again and make new realities. Let that sink in.

Now you are ready. Open your eyes if you had them closed earlier. Get the journal and find a fresh blank page.

Begin journaling.

In a way, what I shared here is journaling prompts for therapy. Some may also find this daily journal prompts great for anxiety as well. Whatever your reason is to start journaling, remember all roads in journaling lead to self care and mental wellness.

Consider it your personal therapist if you will who is on your retainer without paying a dime! πŸ™‚


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Jokes aside, I sincerely hope my daily journal prompts help you start journaling.


Ask any questions you have if you are a beginner in this and I will try my best to answer them.




With love, Vinma




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15 Daily Journal Prompts for Beginners


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