15 Simple Ways to Prepare for Back to School

If you are like me, you might be looking for ways to prepare for back to school as September arrives.

My girl starts school this year! I am excited…would be an understatement.  

This Mama is constantly  looking for ideas to make her little one’s brand new school life as easy as possible.

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So of course, I made a checklist of 15 Simple Ways to Prepare for Back to School! This simple list will help you prepare yourself and your child to embrace the new schedule smooth as silk, I promise 🙂 

15 Simple Ways to Prepare for Back to School

Going Back to School Organizing Tips

1.Set a bed time routine two weeks before starting school


2.Wake up your child approximately 1-1 and half hours before school starts


3.Eat a healthy breakfast (healthy cereals include those in which sugar is not in the top 3 ingredients)


4.Drop off: Be at your child’s school at lest 10 minutes before the bell rings


5.Pick up: Arrive at your child’s school 10 minutes before the bell rings


6. A large backpack

Large enough to fit lunch bag, water bottle etc. Good idea to place a keychain or object on the zipper so your child can close it easily. Make sure you label the backpack with your child’s name. Make sure label is on the inside of the backpack, as opposed to the front (for safety reasons).

7.Velcro running shoes for indoor and gym use


8. Healthy snacks (check with your child’s teacher about allergies in the classroom. Our school does not allow any nut products!)


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9.Healthy lunch

A word on Lunch/Snack containers: Plastic snap on containers that can be easily and independently opened. Label the containers with your child’s name. You can also label “S” on snack containers and “L” on lunch containers. On that note, flat lunch bags are ideal to hold snack and lunch containers. It also allows kids to see their options without having to take everything out. You can also place a cold pack in the lunch bag to keep things cold.ie yogurt, cheese etc.

Lunch Box Food Safety Tips for Kids

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10.Water bottle (pop open ones are preferable)


11.Change of clothes in large ziploc bag labelled with the child’s name (They also need to be able to wear them independently, so send something that is easy to put on)


12. Proper weather wear (students go out twice a day throughout the school year normally)


13. Ensure that your child can use the washroom independently (Potty training should be complete)


14.Ensure your child can eat independently


15. Practice putting shoes, sweaters, jackets/coats on.

Weather appropriate clothing- winter hat, neck warmer, waterproof mittens/gloves, snow pants, warm winter coat, winter boots etc. Remember that it is always better to send your child to school in layers (sweater over t-shirt). Kids will get warm during gym time as well as in the classroom. Outside, your child will need to have the option of a sweater, depending on the weather. Avoid clothing with drawstrings as they can be a choking hazard. Long scarves are also a choking hazard, a neck warmer is recommended.

I know I could add more to this list, but I feel these 15 Simple Ways to Prepare for Back to School are most important.


Transition to school life will be much easier if we can get these 15 steps down pact. Rest will just follow (Ahem! I hope 😉 )

Have a great school year everyone!


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