15 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens


Over the last few years bucket lists have become a fun way to document things you dream of doing.


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This was a Bucket list theme post written few years ago and sitting in my Drafts. Just forgot to publish I guess. Although geared towards a summer theme, after reading it again I think some of these ideas are just evergreen! You could do them regardless the season. Specially starting a savings account, taking art classes or creating a new app or Youtube channel can be done anytime. Not to mention, this list is not limited to teens. It is for everyone in my opinion. So if you are looking for something new to do in this unprecedented time, like a new project, start a new hobby etc, this post might help!

That being said, lets hop on over and check out this 15 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Teens . It is a great way to motivate your teens to do something other than beat that next level on their video game.  It helps them establish great goals, and gives them an outlet for their creativity.  


15 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Teens


15 summer bucket list ideas for teens


1. Put $500 in Savings


This is a great goal for teens to have so they can help pay for things like a car, vacation, school expenses or simply to learn the value of a dollar and how hard it is to come up with an extra $500. 

2. Learn how to build an app for the App store


Check out the Code School for tons of free online coding classes.  Whether it is a game or informational app they develop, this is a great item to add to their college applications. 


3. Volunteer for a community project.


There are tons of community needs teens can help to fulfill.  From building homes with Habitat to Humanity, to feeding the homeless or visiting those in nursing homes the options are endless. 


4. Visit a local historical landmark


Your state capital or a special landmark from when the country was settled are all great choices. 


5. Learn how to balance a checking account and create a family budget.


As teens get jobs and start earning money this is a great thing to learn for their future financial security. 


6. Spend one day a week at the pool or beach


Of course this should be a goal for everyone.


7. Go to an outdoor concert


 Most communities will have some kind of outdoor concert.  Whether it is a great new band, or an orchestral performance outdoor concerts can’t be beat. 


8. Ride a roller coaster at a new theme park. 


Face your fears and get on that roller coaster to have a thrill of a lifetime. 


9. Create a Youtube channel.


Whether it is a video tutorial of makeup application, how to build a model airplane or a parody of the latest hit song, videos are tons of fun for teens to create and share. 


10. Volunteer for a political campaign


 What better way to learn about the government than working on a political campaign? 


11. Take an art class


Paint, sculpture, pottery or cooking can all be classes in the arts that you can learn from.  


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12. Take a picture a day and post to Tumblr or Instagram


Document your summer with fun images of what you do each day. 


13. Learn how to cook your favorite meal


Look up recipes and watch videos to help you master basic to advanced cooking skills. 


14. Participate in a 5K


 Warrior Dash and Color Runs are both highly popular and tons of fun for teens. 


15. Learn a new language


 If you can’t go to Europe for the summer, you can at least learn to speak French. 


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A bucket list can be anything that a teen would want to accomplish.  This summer bucket list deas for teens is both fun and educational.  It includes things that teens need to learn, as well as things they may want to do.  The joy of a bucket list is that you can add things to it every day as they come to mind.  Not everyone will get the chance to fly overseas, but many will be able to learn a new language of their favorite country.  Bucket lists are there to empower and encourage us to do better and grow as human beings. 


15 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

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