Mazda6 Signature For Your Comfort Family Travel

Mazda is a brand we are all familiar with. While my car is not a Mazda, I have tons of experience driving their cars in the past for test driving purposes.

If you flip back to my older posts, you might come across some of the reviews I have done previously- Mazda Cx-9, Cx-5, Mazda3 GT etc.  Well, my feedbacks on the cars I drive got nothing to do with the tech side but how family friendly is it.


Tech stuff usually goes right over my head so I leave all that to my husband to figure out. That being said, family friendliness is my department. Since it is usually me driving the kids around for various errands- their activities, classes etc. And not to mention those long road trips we take can at times get unbearable with ‘back seat impatience’ and unhappy yelling matches.

Mazda6 Signature review- Comfort Sedan for Family Travel


I tend to think COMFORT has a lot to do with keeping the little ones happy while travelling. And comfort means a reasonable amount of space. So my kids can stretch their folded backs, a place to keep their toys and play with them or take a run at video games. Mind you, these are all essential for a happy trip. When space is scarce and there is no room to put the stuff, things get tricky. Keeping them calm becomes difficult and as parents, we all know too well how that will end.


Mazda6 Signature- Comfort Family Travel



The new Mazda6 Signature 2018 showed my family what it can offer in terms of Space. And learning all about it was a pleasant experience.

Okay, where do I begin?

Rear space has lots of leg room. Plus!

Comfortable and whiplash-reducing headrest.

Front and Rear reading lamps IF reading is in the cards for a night trip.

Heated and Cooling seats! (Yes!)

60/40 split folding rear seat back.

Child safety rear seat locks

Integrated child safety seat anchors in the rear seat (upper and lower type)


And the trunk? Man, so HUGE! Perfect to keep kids’ sports gear, grocery bags, or the entire luggage for the family you planned for that last minute road trip. Yeah, last minute road trips are my specialty. This summer, we had 3 of those, no joke.

And did I mention? The interior finishes of this flagship Mazda luxury sedan include Nappa leather seating surfaces, real wood trim and suede surfaces on the door panels. Well, that’s as far my “tech review” goes!


Mazda6 Signature- Perfect family travel vehicle

Now, a few words on the driving experience itself.

Well, you will NOT feel you are driving a Mazda6 Signature. You cruise. And yeah, I have tested this in heavy traffic, on my frantic way to work AND also on a leisurely pace. And Mazda is right to ” Focus on enhancing the comfort and security of the driving environment”.

Power driving seat

Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR).

This is my favorite! It displays speed limit, do not enter and stop sign information on the Active Driving Display (ADD). It’s quite cool. You don’t have to move your eyes down to the dash to check your speed as I do it with my car normally. You could see it in the windshield, as in a projector. Loved this feature.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)


It is a stop and go capability, adjusting the speed levels automatically even on cruise control. My very first experience driving with one of those and it was AMAZING.

It was hard to part with my Mazda6Signature at the end of 2 weeks test-driving period. That says a lot about what I felt about this particular car.

Mazda6 Signature sedan is perfect for family travel

After all said and done, I can only say one thing my friends- The Mazda6 Signature is made for comfort family travel. If you are all in for a luxury sedan fully loaded at a reasonable price, I would ask you to look into getting your hands on this. And enjoy comfort on the road like you have never experienced before!



***I was provided with a Mazda6 Signature 2018 for test driving purposes. While this was free of cost, my review is based on my sole experience and not biased in any way.***


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