25 Fun Things to do on a Weekend with NO Spending!

Sometimes you might think I want to do something with the family but don’t want to spend tons of money.

Well, I am here to save the day. If you have not heard of no spend weekends, I am here to enlighten you! Below you will find numerous ways to spend time with your family and not break the bank. You set your guidelines and then  determining the necessary things you will spend on like groceries, bills or gas, and avoid spending money on anything else. Granted if you live in an area where you can walk to your destinations, than you can mark off gas! Most people will have to drive, so you have to put that into consideration! 

This is a great way to get creative or to get your expenses back on track! Either way you can really start to think out of the box and have some fun, without opening up your wallet! 

25 Fun Things to do on a Weekend with NO Spending!

25 Fun Things to do on a Weekend with NO Spending

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  1. Go on a bike ride
  2. Hike around and site see
  3. Look for free festivities in your local area
  4. Take a trip to the playground
  5. Have a Yard Sale
  6. Join a Fantasy Sport League
  7. Listen to Podcast or Watch YouTube
  8. Stream TV Shows or Movies all day- have a marathon
  9. Paint or Draw
  10. Have an At-Home Spa Day – get creative and finds foods in your pantry and fridge to use
  11. Exercise at home – find videos that show you new moves by using nothing or household goods, like a chair
  12. Visit a Museum or Zoo if free admission
  13. Volunteer at a Local Shelter 
  14. Go Fishing
  15. Visit Friends or Family that live close
  16. Play board games
  17. Go to the beach and see what treasures you can dig up
  18. Organize your closet and find friends for a clothing swap
  19. Stargaze
  20. Create a scavenger hunt for kids
  21. Build a fort inside with kiddos
  22. Create DIY Play dough or Moon Sand 
  23.  Craft Store Freebies – they have workshops for kids to create a free craft most weekends. Check your stores
  24. Photoshoot – grab your camera and take your own pictures, then edit them on a free site like PicMonkey
  25. Declutter a room or two in your home

As you can see you can find many things to do that won’t break the bank. Get creative and think of other things that your area might offer for free! Some families do this at least one time a month, you will be surprised at the money you save. If you do a completely free week where it doesn’t cost you anything you really will notice the savings! 

For some families it is easy to spend a few hundred dollars a weekend after a day out. After meals, drinks, and events you attend it can truly add up! You can save up the money you would have spent and put towards bills, save for a vacation or anything else! 

One simple change like this can really save your family a lot. Have you ever thought to do this with your family? If so what is your favorite way to spend a no-spend weekend?! 


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