3 Quarantine Self care Ideas You Should Try!


I might be the last one to jump in the bandwagon of dispensing advice on quarantine self care. A quick look on internet will not leave you disappointed. There are lots of tips to choose from- what to do and not to do while we are counting days until vaccine hit our arms. 9 months have gone by. Well I am counting from March since its from then we really started to feel it. First and second waves, work from home, online schooling,  lock down and general fear. Uncertainty was going around in plenty as the window of opportunity to contain the virus tightly shut trapping us all in.  It was a denial in the beginning, like is it really happening? Can life change drastically this way? Must we all coop up inside our homes for an unknown time period? Yeah, it was really happening and hell yeah, life drastically changed for everyone. We saw people dying around us, hospitals overflowing, people losing jobs, stores running out of toilet papers as fast as they were stocked. Craziness!


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I am not here to remind you what is happening currently in the world but to share with you what keeps me going in these unprecedented times. In my case, I have the added nightmare of losing a loved one to death (not COVID). He was an important figure in my life and I was unable to be with him in final moments. So things REALLY took a turn for the worse and in my mind, I knew I was losing my grip quickly. Unless something is done, I would be at a point of no return and I couldn’t have that. You see, I have two little ones and I was their world. That world can’t crash even if the sky falls. My sky fell hard on the ground but I rose drawing all my strength from within.


3 Quarantine Self care Ideas You Should Try


Quarantine Self care Tips to try


Today, I stand. And I am here to tell you how I did it. Hope it helps you too in some way in your own struggles. Some of the points below are repetitions of what I have shared in the past on the blog. For that, my apologies. It just tells you, these things work and cannot be discounted. Anyways let’s begin.


1. Meditation/Journaling


My Dad passed away in April this year, I started Meditation in May. I have taken few stabs at it in the past but never worked. Guess I didn’t have enough motivation to stick to it back then or simply it wasn’t the time. I started slow leaning heavily on Youtube videos. There are a ton of free videos on meditation on Youtube, all different kinds. My journey began with guided meditation. I chose this because I get distracted very quick and lost in thoughts. Guided meditation was good because it helped me stay in the present and focused. This time it was a success. I continue my meditation practice to this day. I may have missed one or two days since May but that’s about it.


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Let me tell you, it has helped me greatly along with journaling to wade through this pandemic living. Your mind becomes sharper, focused and more calm. You can’t worry too much because you become like this still water inside. Less movement of any kind, lots of observation. Meditation helps you become detached so you are able to approach life a little logically than emotionally. And trust me, emotions in this difficult times can only make matters worse. So that is my number one tip- meditate and journal daily.


2. Stick to a Routine


Find a routine and stick to it. I can’t stress this enough. When there is no routine, your mind goes berserk. Man is a creature of habit, and when it is taken away chaos ensues. As we are home and going out less and less, finding a routine becomes hard. Working from home, remote learning, doing shopping online etc does make things difficult. With little or zero social interactions, we are left in turmoil. With some intention, I set up a routine for myself and my family. I started waking up earlier than normal times including on weekends. After my morning stuff, I take my dog, Socks for a walk. I am out with him by 7.30 rain or shine or snow, don’t care. He loves it too! After the walk which may last roughly 30 minutes, I am back and my work starts. Goes from 8-4 or around there. I take up treadmill walking 40 minutes at lunch time. After work, my meditation which is anywhere between 45 minutes-1 hour. After that I cook dinner. Once the dinner is done, clean up, maybe take Socks out once more, little reading before bed and then sleep. My kids follow a schedule too. Breakfast, school, they go for walk after with their Dad, and dinner. I allow screen time after that- TV or their video games which may last one hour. And then bed. On weekends, it is much the same since we don’t go out as much. Grocery shopping, cooking, walks, Meditation/Prayer, get take out which falls on weekends, family movie time or board games and then bed. The key is to wake up to a schedule every day. So you have no time to let your mind wander and wallow. Consistently having this in place works wonders, trust me!


3. Wellness Subscription Box


Okay, it is odd to bring this up here but I must! I was never a subscription girl, never subscribed to any boxes in my life, no joke! But when you live in these times, you tend to experiment with things. Some people start new hobbies, develop recipes, learn new languages etc. For me, it was signing up for a subscription box with Cratejoy. It was a cursory glance at first. Oh one of those boxes! I said in my head when I saw this merchant on my affiliate platform. Then I decided to take a peek at their website as I was considering signing up as one of their affiliates since they had some self care products my readers would love. It is then I was blown away! They had 1000’s of subscription boxes for people of every kind. Like I said before about self care subscription boxes, but they also had food and snack box, craft boxes, book boxes, spiritual tools boxes, wine boxes (Hello there!),  Christian products boxes, witches magic boxes, subscription boxes for men, pets, kids,  beach goers box.. there is a LOT! And what’s inside those boxes?


self care gifts


Bunch of full sized products, books, decors I mean it is just too many to list. I have never done it before, but I signed up for Feeling Fab Premium Wellness and Self care box, gasp! As I wait impatiently, for my first box to arrive, I cant stop myself but keep shopping for all different types of subscription boxes that I see on Cratejoy. I hope it isn’t an addiction. Well even if it is, I think I can live with that. Because these monthly boxes has a way of making you feel special. The joy and the excitement that you experience while waiting for it to arrive in the mail is to be treasured! An idea? They make great Christmas gifts for your loved ones. You can send these as gifts! For the price you pay, its well worth it because most of these boxes value way more than what you pay. Check it out yourself and feel the excitement 🙂


I think this blog post ended up being longer than I thought. Yet I feel I haven’t told you everything that is working out for me living in a Pandemic infused world. I realize world has become a lot smaller lately in terms of people supporting each other , dealing with a common crisis. Only way to get past this is to be together in spirits and apart physically. I may write a post or two more on COVID coping techniques that works for me. I can guarantee the efficacy and efficiency of these quarantine self care tips in case you decide to take a leap too!


Take care of yourself.




P.S: This post contains affiliate links which means, I may get a small commission if you purchase a product through these links at no extra cost other than the price you pay for the product. 




3 Quarantine Self care Ideas You Should Try!

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