3 Ingredients Straight from your Pantry for Best Bath Ever!


There is nothing a warm and relaxing bath can’t fix! Specially at the end of a long tiring day. One of the self-care activities we often neglect, a nice bath can work wonders for the soul.

Okay,  sometimes it is hard to find time to draw a quality bath for ourselves with all the craziness and demands of hectic lives we lead.  But when there is ACTUALLY some me-time to spend, go jump right into your tub or Jacuzzi with a glass of wine and a favorite book!


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Before you jump in, how about putting a few things together to make it the BEST BATH EVER? Well, other than wine, book, candles and rose petals (Ah! Heaven!) What if I tell you, It is possible to create a relaxing bath experience with staples found in your home?

There are many simple ingredients, ones you probably already have around the house, to add to your bath water to make it the best bath ever. Pamper yourself the way you deserve with surprising household items right out of your pantry!


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Efficient, cost-effective and genius- all rolled into one, below are just a few relaxing bath ingredients to consider. Get ready… get set… relax!


3 Ingredients Straight from your Pantry for Best Bath Ever!


bath recipes ideas from household items



Not only is oatmeal nutritious to eat,  your skin can also take advantage of the amazing health benefits of this delicious whole grain.

Oatmeal has been used as a way to soothe irritated, dry skin for years. And, to help treat certain skin issues such as eczema and even chicken pox. Due to the healthy fat content of oatmeal, it’s ideal for soothing your skin, whether you’re suffering from dry winter weather or a bad sunburn.

Oatmeal is also good for your pores, as it contains natural cleansers, as well as vital proteins that helps protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier.


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There are numerous products you can buy that contain oatmeal as an ingredient. This includes soap, lotion and scrubs. But, it’s simple to benefit just as much (or maybe more) from a simple DIY oatmeal bath. It’s much more affordable too.


The next time you run a bath, add a cup of oatmeal to the water and allow it to sit for 15 minutes and you’re good to go!




We all know how beneficial milk is for our bones, but did you know it’s also great for your skin? Milk contains proteins and fats along with a number of essential vitamins and minerals that help moisturize and hydrate your skin.

Milk also contains an organic compound called lactate, or lactic acid, which is a natural skin moisturizing alpha-hydroxy acid used in many lotions and facial products due to its incredible ability to repair skin.

In fact, lactic acid is one of the most popular ingredients in skin care products, as it has been found to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging and even helps fight acne breakouts!


For your soothing milk bath recipe, just add a few cups of milk to your bath water and relax for as long as you wish.




It’s nice to have a variety of herbal teas on hand. Many have been proven to aid the body in many different ways, depending on the type of herbs are used in each tea blend.

As an example, chamomile tea promotes healthy digestion, green tea is loaded with antioxidants and peppermint tea helps with insomnia and restless sleep. But, if you’re not much of a tea drinker, perhaps you’ll consider giving tea baths a try!


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Simply add three to five tea bags to your bath water, steep for a few minutes and then strain. Or, as an alternative, brew a strong kettle of tea and add it to the water instead. Soak for 20-30 minutes to get full skin and hair benefits!


These are just three options when it comes to taking the best relaxing and spa quality bath ever, right at home! Once you give these awesome relaxing bath ideas a try, chances are you never go with plain water again. It really makes that much difference!




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