3 Rewarding Careers for Women to Consider Today


Life is all about chasing something, and if you’re not chasing something, then what are you really living for?


There will be so many times in your life when you wonder whether you’re going in the right direction, or whether you’re just wasting your time with what you’re doing. When it comes to your career, you most definitely will feel like this once or twice. It’s so hard to know whether you’re just going through a stage of being bored with work, or whether you seriously don’t want to do what you’re doing anymore. And no kidding! We all have been there at some point. Wondering whether the career you chose was right, experiencing a crisis with the true purpose of your life or simply longing for a time machine where you can take everything back and start anew.



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Gurus and Motivational Speakers constantly talk about the importance of doing what you love. Idea is that If you do, then it won’t feel like you are working in the first place. While it is good to hear, actioning it is a whole other level. As Moms leading a busy life, it is imperative of us to make right choices financially to support our households, our families.  But no need to sacrifice on a rewarding experience only a career that is RIGHT FIT can bring. 



3 Rewarding Careers for Women to Consider Today


careers to consider for women



So, sit and think about that for a minute, and figure out which one you’re going through. If it truly is that you’re going through a time where you just know you can’t go through life doing the career you’re doing, then you need to think about the options you have out there. If it’s the success and a good future that you’re looking for, there’s plenty of careers that you can go for. If time is ticking and you need to move careers quickly, then why not think about the ones I have curated for you today!




Nursing is one of the best things that you can do. If you’re looking for a career that’s going to bring you success, happiness, and lifelong career, then this is the one for you. The route for progression is so vast, and you could see yourself with going from strength to strength. You could start out as a normal staff nurse, and end up as a family nurse practitioner if you were to take a family nurse practitioner program online. But it doesn’t stop there, you could just keep branching out further and further, and you could so easily be on more money than you ever thought you could. Each day will be different, and if you wanted it to, this job could even take you around the world, practicing nursing in different countries such as Australia or Ireland.


Nutrition Coach


A nutrition coach is such a cool role to have, and they’re actually more in need at the minute than people realize. You would have to take some form of a course if you wanted to get yourself employed by a company. Plus, if you were going to go self-employed, which is also a really good idea with this career, you would have to have some sort of qualification to show your understanding and make your clients come to you. It will involve advising all walks of life, with all goals, about their nutrition and how they can maximize their health through diet control. Going private can really bring in the money as well!


Travel Agent/Consultant


This is a light-hearted one for those of you who have a love for travel and holidays. It can involve many things, but the main role involves booking and organizing holidays for customers. This could take you around the world as well, especially if companies want you to check out the quality of the destination your customers would be traveling to!


Let me share something personal mamas.  I recently met my Travel Consultant online and she is an ABSOLUTE star! With Travel on my bucket list and  ZERO experience in traveling literally anywhere (Well except Cuba), Stephanie is God sent! She is really knowledgeable, professional and a fellow Mom (great plus).  Her willingness to help and confidence in handling all my travel plans for the next 10 years ( I just made up 10 years 😉 ) makes me so happy in knowing that my aspirations will be fulfilled in seeing the world. Well, at least parts of it. I am in expert hands, thank you, Stephanie.


Mom bosses like Stephanie are so good at what they do and love the career of their choosing. From what I gather from the conversations I had with her few times, she manages her work/life beautifully. She gets to spend time with children when needed but maintains the workflow momentum in her own terms. How cool is that? FYI, feel free to reach out to her at Designer Travel if you want to be a Travel Junkie like me 🙂



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Okay, so I digress with all my travel talk.


In conclusion,  these are some of the career ideas to consider if you are just beginning brand new career life or simply looking for a fresh start. There are tons more choices out there but these ideas will take you off the ground to soar high professionally and experience bliss while at it.


xoxo mamas.



3 Rewarding Careers for Women to Consider Today

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