This time around at the Guest Posting segment here, I am very excited to introduce Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life. She specializes in social media marketing, photo management  and she is also a lifestyle blogger. Her hobbies include sports photography, running and enjoying  outdoors. When I invited Michelle to write for us, I already knew what I was going to request of her. I wanted her to share with us any tips on  social media marketing that could benefit one’s blog or one’s business- both online and off. The blue print she lays down encompasses all the ground rules but if you want to learn more, you could always visit her Blog, Face Book or Twitter. So, here we go! 



Hi! It’s Michelle from  A Dish of Daily Life   Michele

I’m very excited to be guest posting here today for A Momless Mom! I’m a soccer mom with 3 children, and have been married to my college sweetheart for over 20 years. I’m also a WAHM, helping small businesses find solutions to their social media needs. In addition to blogging, I love helping people find ways to organize, share and enjoy their memories. If you visit me on my blog, you’ll find posts about my family, photos and memory keeping, and social media. Recently I wrote a post on how to create a successful tribe of online friends on my own blog; today I’ll be sharing some tips on how to formalize that tribe and set ground rules for success!  



3 Steps to a Successful Tribe


Many of us have unofficial tribes…fellow bloggers whose posts we comment on frequently. Some of these unofficial tribe members we can even count on to pin or tweet our content. But have you ever considered taking the next step and making it official? Formalizing your tribe can go a long way towards helping you grow your blog and achieve specific goals.




In order to have a successful tribe, you need to:


Choose like-minded bloggers to work with.

When I say like-minded, I mean people who are in a similar place and have a similar mindset. Your blogs don’t have to be in the same genre. But you wouldn’t want to pair up with someone who posts “when they feel like it” a few times a month if you’re blogging 3 times a week. You want to work with people who are prepared to give the same effort to the “tribe” that you will. Most likely someone who isn’t making it a priority to write frequently isn’t going to spend the same amount of time on engagement that you will, which brings us to point #2.


Engage with tribe members on all social media avenues

That means:

  • liking, commenting, and sharing from each other’s Facebook pages
  • sharing content and tweeting with each other
  • pinning relevant blog posts
  • liking and commenting on Instagram pictures
  • +1’ing and engaging on Google +
  • and of course, commenting on their blogs

Sound like too much work? It’s not. You can set up systems to make this easy.

  • Use Bloglovin groups to organize a group for your tribe.
  • Create interest lists on Facebook or set up a private group.
  • Create a list just for your tribe’s tweets on Twitter using a program like Hootsuite.

By streamlining like this, your tribe’s information will be in one place and you can comment, share, tweet and engage quickly and efficiently! As a result, more people will see your Facebook posts (and hopefully will engage as well), your Twitter presence will grow, and your traffic WILL grow as a result.

Another little tip…. if you want to tag someone on Google +, you can mention them by simply adding the + sign before you type their name. If their notification setting allows it, they’ll be able to see the mention. With Facebook, you’d use the @ symbol before typing the name. Generally even if you are friends with them personally as well, you’d tag their blog Facebook page, because that is where they are most likely looking to increase traffic. And on Twitter, you will want to make sure you use their Twitter handle, which also starts with an @ symbol.

And this goes without saying, make it easy for your tribe (and everyone else) to share by making sure your share buttons work properly!


Guest blog for each other. 

This is a great way to introduce one another to each other’s fan base! The day your guest post goes live, write a little post introducing your guest post and directing your traffic over to the post that you wrote for their blog. That way you are each introducing your fans to each other that day!

If you’re not quite sure how to meet other bloggers, here’s some tips on how to build a tribe of online friends.  


Do you have any tips to add? Please share them with us!