3 Things to Consider when Planning for a Baby


Planning for a baby? It is a momentous decision, a turning point in life, if you will. I don’t want you to be deterred by anything, but I do want you to be informed on the life you’re trying to embark upon.


3 Things to Consider when Planning for a Baby


3 Things to consider when planning for a baby


Being educated  about having children and planning for them will give you and your baby the best shot at life. So look carefully at the things I am about to list and see how they could affect you. 


1. Can you afford him/her?


How much does it cost to have a baby? Well, it depends on where you live. The cost of living in the number one concern for new parents. They can buy a crib, clothes and healthcare for their child but what about after the first year? Can they afford the additional heating and grocery bill? Can they afford to buy new clothes every single year? Can they feed another mouth at the table? The baby will only want more and more as they grow older. So the key is to plan for at least 5 years ahead. When you’re nearing year 5, then you can plan for another 5. The cost of a child is not something you can consider, just for one year. Picture your baby growing into a toddler and being 5 years old. What kind of lifestyle do you want him or her to have?


2. Can you have a child?


Before you begin to get serious about having a child, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re going to be safe, with the child. Consider going to a fertility client like the Procrea Fertility Clinic Network  because they can assess your fertility and offer you lots of solutions to any concerns. They have fertility preservation solutions, as well as diagnostic procedures. They will assess your fertility and show you whether you have a safe womb, healthy eggs and a nice environment for the sperm too. It’s daunting to go into this kind of clinic, but since they are specialists, they have the most highly trained and understanding professionals you could hope for. Even if you can, there might be other concerns that could hamper the growth of the baby. So, always check that there’s nothing abnormal with either you or your partner, before having a baby. 


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3. Do you have the right lifestyle?


So many first-time parents make the mistake of not changing their lifestyle in order to raise their baby. The first 6 months will be touch and go. You really need to help your vulnerable baby and give him or her all the care and attention needed. Can you take time off from work for a year? Can you get maternity leave with pay? Are you sure you want to put your career on hold? Don’t look back in resentment at your career and other things, if you cannot have a baby and you do. 

Planning for a baby is tough and personal. Only you can make the final choice. But always read up on the health concerns, your career and lifestyle changes and financial situation.


3 Things to Consider when Planning for a Baby

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