3 Things to Get Rid of From your Life with Good Reason!


We tend to spend more time thinking about the things we want to gain in life, than thinking about the things we want to subtract from our lives.


It’s common, for example, to get caught up in the idea of the next big purchase, or the next promotion at work, or something along those lines. All of these things are potentially great, but there are actually some situations where it might be just as important to think about what you should actually subtract from your life.


3 Things to Get Rid of From your Life with Good Reason!


3 Things to get rid of from your life with good reason


Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to think about what you should subtract from your life.



  • Because Self-care often begins with clearing away detrimental features of your environment


First, self-care often begins with clearing away detrimental features of your environment that are contributing to an overall worse mood, and a generally reduced sense of well-being, in spite of whatever else you might be doing on a daily basis.


If you had a bedbug infestation in your house, for example, contacting professional bed bug exterminators would be essential for resolving the problem and freeing yourself from the many negative side-effects that come along with having such an infestation.It would be reasonably futile to practice positive affirmations, or to enjoy warm baths with essential oils every night, if you weren’t also addressing this fundamental issue.Management of your environment is often very important for allowing you to feel your best and live your best life – and a big part of this is typically the process of removing detrimental features of your environment.




  • Because It’s  easier to identify what you shouldn’t be doing, than to identify what you should be doing




If you ever feel as though you’re in a “rut” in life, in one sense or another, you’ve probably spent some time trying to brainstorm positive things that you should do in order to move things forward and improve your situation.


If you have done this, you will most certainly notice that it’s often very difficult to figure out what you “should” be doing next. Often, it’s much easier to identify things that you know you shouldn’t be doing, and then proactively stop doing them.


The same principle applies generally: it’s generally much easier to figure out what you should stop doing, in any given moment, than to “get things right”.



  • Because You can often find a lot of peace and stillness in removing clutter from your life





The rise of the minimalist movement is, in no small part, due to the simple fact that many people find that they experience a good deal of peace and stillness by removing clutter and excess from their lives.


While you obviously shouldn’t opt for a completely frugal life that makes you miserable, it might be worth considering which features of your life cause you stress and irritation, without a corresponding positive effect.

From there, it’s a small matter to “declutter” things in order to see how you feel.




With love, Vinma


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