3 Tips for Adult Children Living with Parents


In the age of COVID 19, lifestyles have changed drastically. One of the notable effects it has on us is financial constraints that has resulted in adult kids moving back with their parents. Not an ideal situation for both parties but in order to sail through the current economic events, some find it imperative. And there is nothing wrong with that. In this post, I am sharing some tips to make the transition time easy for both parents and their adult children.


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Being an adult means that your life often comes with varying responsibilities and tasks. The truth about “adulting” is that each and every adult lives the life that is best for them. Some adults branch out on their own while others tend to stay close to their home base. In fact, there are some adults that still live at home with their parents, content and happy with that choice. If you happen to be one of those adult children living with your parents, know that you aren’t alone in your choice! Also, if that decision is a byproduct of this pandemic, rest assured these tips will help you as well.

Due to the economy, cost of living or other underlying varying reasons, adult children are living with their parents longer than ever before. Keep in mind that as you age, you need to be aware of certain aspects when living with your parents as well. Here are some great tips for adult children living with parents!


Tips for Adult Children Living With Parents


3 tips for adult children living with parents



Living with your parents as an adult can be great as long as you remember these simple tips!


Remember…You are an adult.


Plain and simple, you are a grown person who has the capability to take care of yourself. Your mom and dad should not be responsible for picking up after you, cleaning your room, or making you dinner. While you may be living with your parents, that doesn’t mean that you need to be taking care of their generosity. In fact, living with your parents is a great opportunity to show your appreciation to them for everything that they’ve done for you!


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Help out any way you can around the house.


If you are an adult living at home with your parents, it’s probably a safe bet that your parents are aging and may need more help than ever before. Use your time and your strength to help out any way that you can around the house. Picking up, doing maintenance, running errands for them when they need something…anything that you can do to be of assistance to them, do so!


Always pay your own portion of the bills.


Just because you are living at home doesn’t mean that you are a “free-loader”. There can be numerous reasons why you don’t have your own place, and that’s 100% fine. It’s important to cover your own financial costs for the utilities and rent that you are using, as well as any groceries that you have. Your parents may love the fact that you are living at home with them, but that fact shouldn’t cause any type of financial hardship to them and their pocketbooks.


Living at home as an adult child can be a very rewarding experience. It’s a great way to stay close to your parents to help them out, while also potentially allowing you to save up a bit of money before venturing out on your own. The best possible tip to take away and remember is that you should always be gracious and thankful that you’re able to live at home. Don’t take your parents, or the time that you get to spend there for granted and make certain that you do everything that you can to show just how appreciative you truly are!

And once the pandemic blows over, you can be back to your familiar surroundings wherever that is.  The experience of living with your parents in adulthood will remain as a cherished memory forever. Also an interesting phase, to say the least!


3 Tips for Adult Children Living with Parents

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