3 Tips to Cut your Household Costs


Taking care of a family is no easy task and running a household single-handedly soon gets pretty expensive. Feeling like you are continually paying out money can be a major source of worry that leaves you feeling stressed out and snappy with the kids.


3 Tips to Cut your Household Costs


3 Tips to Cut Household costs


Finding ways to reduce your living costs will help you take back control of your household expenditure and significantly reduce your stress levels. Why not try some of these tips to see how much money you can save?


1. Switch and Save Energy


Saving energy around your home is a wise idea for many reasons; you get to save money, and you also help to do your bit to protect the planet. Energy saving is something that you can get the kids on board by challenging them to help you reduce the amount of power and water you use. One of the simplest changes you can make is switching to energy-efficient lighting and reducing the number of lights that you have on in the home. Try to remind the kids to switch off lights when they leave a room to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. Unplugging items that are not in use can also help you to make savings. 


Don’t forget to look out for better deals on your energy costs. Switching your energy supplier could help you to make even bigger savings.


2. Do It Yourself


The breakdown of an appliance is an inconvenience that no one needs, but the thing that many people dread above all else is the cost of an unexpected repair bill. When your washer or dryer stops working, you may be torn between needing to get it working again as soon as possible but not being able to afford the repair bill to get it fixed. Alternatively, you could repair it yourself. Do it yourself repairs are so much cheaper than calling in an engineer and simpler than you may think. If you need to repair your dryer, all you need to do is source the parts that you need. To get the correct parts, look for your Maytag model number, and then search online for the parts. Once you have the parts, simply find a how-to video that guides you through the steps needed to make the repair. Not only is repairing your appliance yourself an excellent way to save money, but it is also a fantastic skill to use again in the future.


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3. Plan Ahead


For most families, grocery shopping is one of the biggest drains on household finances, especially if you have kids that snack constantly but are always hungry! Making a meal plan and deciding what you are going to cook in advance should help you to keep your grocery shopping costs under control and also cut out the endless wondering of what to have for dinner each night. Having a meal plan with a grocery list will help ensure that you only spend what you need to and come home with everything you need for the week ahead.


One of the meal planners I tried was momAgenda Meal planning Bundle.

Weekly Meal Planning Bundle- includes a weekly meal planner pad and a grocery list pad. (Save 20% buying the bundle!)

It was easy to use and a great help in organizing our weakly meal ideas with less hassle. You should check it out, they currently have a sale!


So there you have it friends, hope these ideas help you handle the household expenses and manage time like a boss!


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