3 Tricks to Feel Happy Inside


Happiness is an inside job.

This isn’t just a pretty quote but also a universal truth. If you are not in terms with who you are on the inside, you can’t come into terms with the world on the outside. Simple.

Coming into terms  bring you a certain peace, if you will which in turn provide you with the happiness you seek. I know it is easy to say, but hard to implement. Again I must remind you if you think something is hard  to do, it most certainly will be hard. So let’s change the outlook, shall we? Bring your best self here. The optimistic one. And be determined to find that happiness lurking inside of you somewhere.


3 Tricks to Feel Happy Inside

3 Tricks to Feel Happy Inside


Ok. so how does one find happiness? Well, there are thousands of ways to do this but since this is a small blog post and no one really has the time to read an in depth essay, I will trim it down to three steps. I am a fan of lists in case you haven’t noticed with my past blog posts (3 Heart Health Tips for Women, 15 Best Self Care Books for Moms, Top 10 Essential Oils for Sinus etc…this goes on). I will share with you 3 tricks to feel happy inside no matter the circumstances you are in currently. They are easy to remember and apply even if you lead a busy life. It doesn’t take time and you don’t need to memorize anything. Now we are talking right?

All you have to be consciously aware of is the fact that happiness is already present in you. Your job is to take it out of the mental shelf, dust and polish to make it shine.  Think of if it as something you lost a long time ago. A beautiful object of sentimental value- it can be a toy, a book, a piece of art, photograph anything. Now that you have recovered this valuable item, make a promise to yourself that you will never lose it again. You will treasure it forever, it is yours to keep. Hold that thought in your mind.

Let’s begin the work.


1. Wake up with Gratitude


Do you think it is to your right to wake up healthy everyday? If you think that, its time to have a second look at the concept. Because the truth is there is no guarantee we will wake up tomorrow when we go to bed tonight. There is no guarantee we can take the next breath or walk the next step. Our heart beats nonstop. Do you know what makes your heart run smoothly? What makes your brain think and help you make informed decisions? There is an innate intelligence at play here. People call it God, the Source or Divine Presence. What you call this power doesn’t matter, but thanks to it you are here today living your life. So feel gratitude towards this Power at the first morning light. Be thankful as you wake up from bed, be in awe of the fact that you are gifted once again with the blessing of Life. That’s like 10,000 reasons right there to feel happy! Yes? You will feel the glow inside as you think of countless ways you are provided and cared for by the Universe. You were always provided and cared for, but you didn’t really think about that before, right? Not until today. Now wait and experience the happiness flooding through your senses. And enjoy it all day as you go about with your business. Repeat the process mindfully every morning until it becomes second nature to you.


2. Relaxation Activities aka Self care


Like I said in the beginning, happiness reside in you. No need to look for it outside. So in order to draw from your happiness, you need to take care of yourself first. Make sure you are comfortable and sufficiently relaxed so you can be your best self at all times, consequently attracting happiness.

How do you do this?

Really there is nothing set in stone when it comes to self care because it means different things to different people. But I can think of a few things- begin your day with prayer, exercise daily, read a good book ( I read a lot of spiritual books), go for walks everyday (not just in treadmill, but outdoors in nature. It has a cleansing effect), take naps when you can (I am a big fan of afternoon naps when I have time), stay away from toxic people (make a pact with yourself that you will NOT compromise your peace of mind and sanity for others), take a break from social media (been there done that), spend quality time with your little ones if you have them or pets or someone you are close to etc. I can go on listing a ton more of these as I practice self care quite seriously. This blog Momless Mom chronicles everything that I do related to self care. It is life long learning but  I am a patient student. Anyways what I am saying is, prioritizing yourself work wonders in terms of igniting happiness within you. Think of your inborn happiness as a candle flame. It is waiting to light up in all its glory if only you give it a chance.


3. Love yourself


This is the most important trick of them all! Love yourself. Love is the gateway to happiness so if you don’t love yourself you cant reach the happiness that is waiting to glow brighter inside. You may think loving yourself isn’t necessary as long as you have enough people in your life to love you. This simply isn’t true. Well its nice to have loved ones, but they can never ever come close to the love you haven’t given yourself yet. Think about it,  if happiness is an inside job, then pure love which is self love is also an inside job. They both are interconnected, one cannot exist without the other.

So what I am saying is, if you are seeking happiness  it starts within you from a place of love.

I call this post Tricks to Feel Happiness instead of Tips because to me, they aren’t new information. It is neither earth shattering nor shocking. Concepts of Gratitude, Self care and Self Love has been around for centuries. Its been discussed in detail in books, workshops, seminars, podcasts you name it. Information is available to you but you aren’t paying attention. You make it difficult, mind boggling when it is incredibly simple. You control your happiness not outside forces. Stop saying when the economy is good, I will feel happy or when my relationships are flourishing, I will feel happy or when my career take off, I will feel happy. These things do play a part, yes.  Just in supporting or extra roles in the movie of your life. It is the main character who is YOU that has the power to draw in the happiness from straight within. And that my friends, is the trick. This knowledge is magic.


I hope you take away some or all of these happy tricks to work the magic you so deserve in your life. Find that glow and start living from that happy place within.



3 Tricks to Feel Happy Inside

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