3 Unconventional Ways to Feel your Best


Sometimes we can all feel a little down and negative about ourselves. Often the confidence that we once had can dwindle away because of pressures of work, changes in our lifestyle and even the relationships that we have. But, feeling your best and happier within is easier than you think and often it is small changes that can make the biggest difference. With that in mind, here are some of the things to think about.


3 Unconventional Ways to Feel your Best!


3 tips to feel your best


It isn’t crazy to talk to yourself


So many times we are told that taking to ourselves could be a sign of craziness. While having a full blown conversation with yourself could be quite questionable, there is something in talking to yourself and telling yourself the right messages. There is a difference between someone looking at themselves in the mirror and regularly repeating positive affirmations of how they want to feel or how they want something to go. Saying things like “you are worthy of this” “you are amazing” “you look fantastic” are absolutely fine. More people use this action to really affirm what they want out of life, and this can be directly associated with books and thought processes like the secret, which encourages you to tell the universe what you want and use the law of attraction to get it. After all, you are your biggest fan, and so telling yourself every once in a while how awesome you are is no bad thing at all, and should definitely be encouraged if you are looking to boost your confidence. 


Take compliments on board


Some people find it really difficult to take compliments from others. When someone tells you that you have done a good job you might instantly dismiss them and not accept it. However, compliments and praise are a great way to boost your confidence. Someone may comment on your smile and that might have been because of teeth straightening treatments from places like ALIGNERCO. Or maybe you have lost weight or look healthier because of a new exercise regime you have taken up. The truth is, a compliment is an opinion about you formed by someone else. You have no control over that thought that they have had about you, so if they choose to think that you are amazing then accept that and own it. Compliments are hard to handle and they can embarrass you in some way, but don’t ever dismiss someone else’s opinion on yourself. This is where you can learn attributes and great things about you that you never even thought was a possibility.


Take on the criticism


Finally, just as much as you should take on the compliments you also need to be weary and take on the criticisms you receive. Some people can’t accept criticism well, just like they can’t take a compliment and often this sort of behavior goes hand in hand. Criticism should not be seen as a bad thing, in fact, it is a great way to help you improve on things and to only get better. Someone criticizing you, and when it comes from a good place, genuinely means they are trying to help you succeed. I understand that some people though can also say criticism from a bad place, and while it is good to take on board some critique, it is also worth remembering that you can choose to decline other people’s opinions of you. The best advice is to know what is sincere and what isn’t. 


Let’s hope this helps you to feel at your best.


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