30 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Happy Monday!

Thought I would start the new week by writing about coffee! Ah, my life line, the reason behind my existence…

Specially, on a day like Monday when we are not looking forward to the ENTIRE week ahead, coffee comes as a welcome relief and distraction. Even the mere aroma of coffee can soothe my soul.

If you are a fellow coffee lover, you would be nodding your head at my last statement, right? 😉

30 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers


We all know one or maybe you are one yourself, a coffee lover! One who seeks out new coffee mugs and cups, one who loves coffee more often than any other beverage, the famous coffee lovers crew. There are so many creative gift ideas out there for coffee lovers this holiday season, from t-shirts to the savvy coffee press and everything in between.

Today I am sharing a list of 30 gifts for coffee lovers so you have a little selection to choose from.

I hope you enjoy this list and are able to find a little something for your coffee loving friend or family member below …

  1. Caffeine Molecule Necklace for Coffee Lovers
  2. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Espresso Yourself Coffee Lovers Set
  3. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler
  4. I Do What I Want Cat Funny Coffee Mug
  5. Death Wish Coffee Single Serve Capsules for Keurig K-Cup Brewers
  6. Keurig Coffee Maker
  7. Morning Medicine Funny Glass Coffee Mug
  8. Coffee Masters The Twelve Coffees of Christmas Variety Pack Ground Coffee
  9. Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker and Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop
  10. Coffee Lover T Shirt
  11. Sterling Silver Coffee Ring
  12. Caramel Cantina Sleep Long Length Nightshirt “I need coffee”
  13. Expresso Coffee lovers Kindle Touch Fabric Notebook Case
  14. iRocket Magic Mug – Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Cup
  15. Premiere Brand Coffees of Christmas Gift Set
  16. Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug
  17. Caffeine Queen T-shirt
  18. LED Coffee Cup Desk Lamp
  19. KeepCup Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup
  20. Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Dripper
  21. French Press Coffee and Tea Maker
  22. Coffee Before Talkie Pillow
  23. Manual Coffee Grinder Makers
  24. Insulated Travel Coffee Mug
  25. Meh Coffee Cup
  26. Coffee Monster Women’s Novelty Socks
  27. Espresso Bean Earrings for Coffee Lovers
  28. Healing Stone Mugs
  29. BHSHIO Artist’s Crystal Mug
  30. Caffeine Molecule – Glass Coffee Mug

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There you have it! Even the activity of shopping for coffee and coffee related products is therapy, if you ask me. Hopefully, you got some gift ideas for the wonderful coffee addicts on your wishlist from this round up. So many creative ways to make them happy this holiday season.

I am looking at you Espresso Bean Earrings! I mean, who would have thought of that??

Espresso Bean Earrings For Coffee Lovers And Baristas: Handmade With Love By Madres Jewelry
Image Courtesy: Amazon

That being said, I will leave you to it. Time for my coffee 🙂

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