4 Basic Skincare Don’ts for Flawless Skin


Ladies, we’re all aware that we need to keep on top of our skincare routine to get flawless skin. What you might not realize is that you’re doing seemingly benign things and it’s harmful. The truth is women aren’t as aware as they need to be, and this post plans to put the record straight.


Below you will find four basic skincare don’ts that affect your skin and how to fix them.


4 Basic Skincare Don’ts for Flawless Skin


skincare don'ts



1. Skipping Sun Lotion


Nothing is as apparent in the summer when the sun’s rays scorch the earth. Winter is different though because they aren’t as piercing and you might think UV rays aren’t problematic. If it’s sunny, your skin is absorbing them and potentially mutating as a result, which is why SPF is essential. As well as a high factor, be sure to top up the areas that are always on the front line. That means your face and neck. Where possible, cover up with long garments to keep your skin out of the sun.


2. Tolerating Household Pests


Pests are annoying, yet some homeowners leave them to their devices because it’s too much hassle. A pest control service isn’t a big deal, especially if you love your skin. The likes of mosquitoes and bed bugs aren’t only irritators; they live in colonies. What does this mean for your skin? It means they will bite and feed and they will do it regularly because there are plenty of them to go around. As soon as you spot the signs of a pest infestation, your only option is to hire a professional and clear them out. Otherwise, unsanitary, red, blotchy rashes will plague you forever.


3. Only Sleeping On One Side Of The Bed


Your skin is stretchy, which can be a gift and a curse. On the one hand, it bounces back and fights the signs of changing. On the other, it can permanently form wrinkles and creases as a result of getting bent out of shape. You might not know this, but sleeping on one side of the bed is a prime example. The lines that occur won’t go away if you do it regularly. The best option is to sleep on your back. As well as sleeping, be careful of drinking from water bottles as the process creases the mouth.



4. Using Your Cell Phone


Pressing it to your face is another way to develop creases and wrinkles that won’t ever go away. And, there is the radiation factor too. However, there is another consideration: dirt. Cell phones spend most of their time in a pocket or on a counter collecting dust, and it transfers to your skin when you put it to your ear or swipe it with your finger. Essentially, using your phone too much can clog your pores and result in blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.


Once in a while, wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe to give your skin a break.


Have you ever paid attention to this skincare don’ts before? For me, #4 is an eye-opener. Now that I know, I should really be paying attention to the cleanliness of my device, especially when it’s on me most of the time! Hopefully, this helps you to shine bright in the skincare department.



With Love, Vinma



4 Basic Skincare Don\'ts for Flawless Skin

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