4 Calming Tips to Help You Sleep in Minutes


Looking for tips to help you sleep? You and me both, my friend. A good night sleep is that holy grail everybody craves but a select few gets. How to get to sleep when you can’t is itself an art that needs to be mastered. Wouldn’t it be nice to just to go to sleep immediately once we see the bed? Yes!

Ah! The bliss of sleep.

That one always plays hard to get, I tell ya! I know this how? Yep, hardcore insomniac here. I have been struggling with sleep issues as long as I can remember. If my memory serves me right, my battle with sleep started in uni days. Hectic schedules, nerve wrecking exams, race to finish thesis after thesis, and countless sleepless nights of studies, pop and coffee did it to me, I guess. Out of uni was whole other ball game. Where life happens, right? Through marriage, kids, and living as an expat one of the things that remained constant was my sleep trouble. My loyal friend who refuses to abandon me through the years for better or worse.


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And I still live to talk about it. The irony.

Anyhow, I digress.

Today, I want to begin with uninvited negative thoughts. If you are looking for tips to help you sleep, we must start there. Yep, the same ones that creep into our heads at bedtime. None of the relaxation techniques before bed would work if we don’t know how to shut down the head noise.

Let’s demonstrate. Here you are almost about to fall asleep…

And then.

Is the front door locked? Maybe I should check. AGAIN.

Did I turn the iron off? The house is probably on fire now.

My boss must think I am really hopeless when I didn’t finish that project on time.

I never do things right.

Tomorrow with be yet another bad day.

Why didn’t she say hello when we met at the grocery store? I must have done something bad.

Nobody likes me.

And so it goes…


Sounds familiar? Does your brain seem to take over when you lay down to sleep? Many people struggle with negative thoughts consuming them immediately upon laying in bed. If you’re one of them trying to find ways to kick negative thoughts before sleep, then continue reading for 4 Calming Tips to Help You Sleep in Minutes by getting a better handle on your negative thoughts.


4 Calming Tips to Help You Sleep in Minutes


Tips to help you sleep


Avoid Negative Language


One hour before bed refrain from using any negative language. Common examples of negative language would start with things like “It’s all my fault” or “I hate this thought”. When you make a conscious switch in your mindset one hour before bed, you’ll be more prepared to kick negative thoughts before sleeping. This process helps train your mind to focus on other positives in life prior to laying down.


Go To Sleep Earlier


Bye bye Netflix!

Various research has shown that those who go to sleep at a later time in the day tend to struggle with negative thoughts before sleeping. Consider switching up your bedtime routine to include an earlier bedtime. While you’re an adult and may think “having a bedtime” is silly, believe me, this step to commit to going to sleep earlier will surely help those negative thoughts stay at bay so you can sleep.


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Use Self-Guided Meditation


Many people have used self-guided meditation apps before they lay down to sleep. You may incorporate this new option into your bedtime routine. Combined with going to sleep earlier, practice some meditation via a free self-guided meditation app on your smartphone. This will help you relax your mind and in turn, you’ll slip off into slumber easier without negative thoughts.


Enjoy Some Music


Many people who suffer from negative thoughts before sleeping has found using music has helped them fall asleep easier. You may purchase an MP3 player or use your smartphone with a timer set so that you won’t be wasting electricity playing music all night long. Music has been known to be very therapeutic for people who suffer from negative, anxious thoughts before sleeping.


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Tips to Help you Sleep- In Conclusion


There are many tools people try to use as a means to kick negative thoughts before sleeping. What you can do is try each of the tips to help you sleep I shared today to see which ones or combination of ideas are most helpful. And then use those ideas or a combination of them to stop those thoughts from creeping in as you lay down to fall asleep. I hope that these tips on how to sleep better at night naturally help you stay sane and refreshed. Let these relaxation techniques before bed minimize the noise in your head so you can set off to a night of restful sleep again soon.  


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