4 Simple Changes To Boost Your Home Security


Do you feel safe in your home?

It should be a place where you feel secure, but sometimes, that might not be the case. This is particularly true when you have recently moved and you are not quite used to your new place yet. Sometimes, it’s all in your head, but there is a chance that you don’t feel safe because your home is not secure and you are vulnerable to break-ins. If that is the case, you need to make some simple changes around the home to protect yourself better.


4 Simple Changes To Boost Your Home Security


Simple changes to boost your home security


I feel this topic is really important considering the number of crimes centered around home invasions in recent years. Preventive measures such as the ones discussed in this post might go to some extent in mitigating risks surrounding break-ins. Although we might not be able to avoid the issue completely knowing how resourceful thieves are these days, it is my hope that these easy ways to boost home security will put your mind at ease at the end of the day.


Upgrade Your Locks


Most people assume that the locks on their doors are secure and difficult to break. The problem is, the default locks that come on doors are usually quite cheap and not very strong at all, so they don’t offer that much protection. That’s why you should always go around check, and if the locks are not very sturdy, swap them out for some better ones. This will make it a lot harder for somebody to break in and it will also help you to save money on home insurance because the insurance company will usually check what locks you have installed, and if they are not secure, they will charge you a higher monthly premium. 


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Improve Doors And Windows


Doors and windows are the most common entry points for burglars, so they need to be properly secured. Upgrading the locks is a start, but you need to be sure that the doors and windows themselves are strong enough, otherwise, they can easily be broken. Doors and windows replacement is often the best thing that you can do to boost security in your home and deter burglars. By switching from single glazed to double or even triple-glazed windows, and using vinyl instead of wood, you will make it a lot harder to break the windows. It will also make the home more energy-efficient, so it’s a swap that is always worth doing. 


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Install A Burglar Alarm


If you do not already have one in place, you need to install a burglar alarm. When burglars are looking for a house to target, they will always check for alarms and try to break into the houses that don’t have one. Simply by installing an alarm, you make yourself less of a target. If somebody does still break-in, the alarm will scare them off before they have the chance to take too much. 


Get Some Security Lights


Security lights are another simple, but effective, deterrent against theft. If people approach the house and attempt to break in, they want to make sure that they can’t be spotted. Security light with a motion detector will flash on and light them up, and they will be scared off straight away. It’s a cheap addition, but it makes a big difference, so if you don’t already have one, you need to install a security light. 


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Keeping your home safe doesn’t have to be hard. These small changes will help to deter burglars and prevent any break-ins in the future.




With love, Vinma



4 Simple Changes To Boost Your Home Security


  1. One of my friends has a home security system, and one of the features is sensors that were installed at every door and window. When the doors or windows open, an alarm chimes in the house, so nobody could open a door quietly and sneak in. I think I would love to have that feature. If someone opens a door, I want to know about it.

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