4 Time Saving Kitchen Hacks for Busy Weeknights


Weeknight meal time can be both the best part of your day and the most dreaded.


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That’s why I put together this list of Time Saving Kitchen Hacks. These ideas will help to make it a time you look forward to each day.  By eliminating some of the prep work throughout the week, and creating a meal time routine that is easy for everyone you will be able to focus on those family talks with your kids instead of the time crunch to get food on the table. Not to mention, you might just get lucky to squeeze in some cherished self care too with the left over time! 


4 Time Saving Kitchen Hacks Busy Weeknights


4 time saving kitchen hacks for weeknight meals


1. Prep produce and meat when you bring it home from the grocery


One of the quickest ways to save time in the kitchen is to prep your foods in large batches.  When you buy fresh produce, instead of tossing it into the refrigerator to prep later, take the time to do it then.  Clean and slice, chop or dice onions, peppers, carrots, squash, fruit and other veggies all at once and portion out into bags or containers to be used as needed that week.  Weeknight meals are easy to throw together when you can simply grab and toss into a pan.  When you buy larger packages of meat, portion out into meal sizes and pre-cook or simply label and freeze to make easy for future meals.  One secret with ground meat is to put into larger baggies and pat out as flat as possible instead of freezing in balls or chunks.  A flat package will thaw much quicker. 


2. Stick to your menu plan


  Cerate a menu plan based on foods your family enjoys, sale items and what you can throw together quickly. Shop and prep for that menu plan and stick to it.  When you vary from the plan, you often end up not only spending more money but using more of your valuable time to prep something new and different. 


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3. Utilize your Crockpot or Instantpot


One of the biggest time saving kitchen hacks is to simply use your Crockpot or Instantpot to prepare meals.  Whether you create freezer meals you can later dump into your Crockpot, or you use it for meals you assemble each day as you go, it is a great time saver and convenience item in every kitchen. 


4. Teach kids to cook


Now since most of us are staying home, this is a great time to teach your children basic kitchen skills. This will help them help you a little in the kitchen on days when you are pressing to get the food on the table. Plus side? Cooking together with the little ones is a great bonding activity and also they become independent to cook full meals when  older.  Everything from food prep to simply knowing food safety is important.  Being able to call your teenager and have them start dinner on an evening you are running late coming home from work can save you countless hours in the kitchen. 


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Making time for your family is the goal behind these time saving kitchen hacks.  Busy families often find themselves exhausted at the end of the day and unable to spend quality time together.  A few simple changes in the kitchen can make it easier to devote quality time to talking, sharing and getting to know each other.  Including kids and spouses in dinner prep and meal time needs can also help make family time more intimate and special.  


And yeah, you get more time for yourself even on busy week days!



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4 Time Saving Kitchen Hacks for Busy Weeknights

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