5 Best Handmade Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day


There is nothing for a mom, like receiving a handmade present for Mother’s Day, from any of her children. The time, efforts, thoughts, and creativity each child puts into a gift are much more fulfilling to a mom than any store-bought gift. She will cherish any gift hand created with love. I have a list of best handmade Mother’s day gift ideas and I think you are gonna love it! 


5 Best Handmade Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day


handmade Mothers day Gift ideas


Today, I want to share 5 handmade gifts for you to consider this Mother’s Day. They are thoughtful, meaningful and doesn’t hurt your wallet much. They are perfect candidates for Mom’s memory chest and I am sure she would greatly appreciate receiving any of the below-mentioned gifts from her children.


1. Handmade Mothers Day Card


The best handmade gift would have to be an original Mother’s Day card. Any mom would be delighted to open a lovely card, originally hand-designed, just for her, from one, or all of her children. Wonderful cutout stencils, of her favorite flowers, can be easy to do. Just select simple designs, shapes, and bright colors. The object is to surprise and delight your Mom. 


Inside she will see all the signatures, special love messages, and her heart will swell with pride. Also, taking special fun photos of the family, and hiding them inside the card is a neat idea. Little children can choose to make various seed cards. It is easy to take different shape seeds and create fun flowers to glue onto a card. Moms will absolutely love to look at these cards over and over again.


Handmade Gift Ideas for Moms


2. Creative Stitches on Cloth/Burlap


A simple stitchery, handcrafted on cloth or burlap, is a beautiful gift to give your Mom. Simply trace an outline of any favorite theme like birds, flowers, animals, people, barns, and countrysides and fill them in with colorful yarns. Select straight, chain, or french knots, for good textures. The straight stitch is easy to do. Pull your yarn up from the bottom and pull in back down an inch farther. Keep on filling up with straight stitches, and you get a filled color. The chain stitch is easy. 


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Just pull up your yarn into the design, make a loop 1/4 inch, and pull the yarn back down a bit to the south of where you came in. Each time you pull up with the yarn, go into the chain, towards the end of the chain, and form a new loop, come back down through the cloth. Very easy to do. The french knot is easy. Just go up through the cloth, tie a knot, and come back down through the knot. These knots make good eyes, detail, and good texture. Tape down the edges of your finished cloth stitchery, and cut out cardboard that fits the back perfectly. It is ready to give as a gift. Your Mom can frame it and show it off proudly.


3. Love Promises


An envelope filled with love promises is an excellent gift for moms on Mother’s Day. Just write down a group of promises you’d love to do for your Mom. Good promises such as doing the dishes, laundry, take out the trash, babysit, cleaning rooms, helping to cook dinner, and doing errands, will all be great ways to help your Mom relax and take time to enjoy herself. 


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4. Lovely Art Work


Any kind of lovely artwork will please your Mom richly. If you are talented and want to use pen and ink, chalk, watercolors, poster paints, or colored pencils, you can create a nice piece of art. Younger kids may wish to use finger paint to make 2 – 3 colors and design artwork, using their handprints as the subjects. Be sure to add your name, date, and title to your artwork. Your Mom may wish to keep it for years to admire.


5. Plant a Miniature Garden


Plant containers, with a Love garden inside, will tickle your Mom. Simply cut off the bottom part of a soda plastic bottle, 5 inches tall, and fill it up with good soil. Punch holes in the bottom for draining. Now you decide which herb, or flowers you wish to plant. Let your Mom watch the plants grow with love. A good idea is to let each child give Mom a different herb and offer to help water and care for it. Now we have a family project going here. Mom will like seeing the new plants grow up.


best handmade gift ideas for Mothers day


By reaching out with original Mother’s Day cards, photos, lovely stitchery, beautiful artwork, and nice love plants, she will see that you really do appreciate her. All the time, efforts, thoughts, and talents, you invested will thrill her on her special day. As you see her glowing from the surprising gifts, be sure to tell her thank you for all the things she has taught you, all the love, and special things she does for you each day.


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Also, remember all the love she has given to you, now it is your turn, to go out, and return the love and kindness to the world around you. 




With love, Vinma


5 Best Handmade Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day

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