5 Creative Summer Kids Party Ideas for Boys

Summer birthdays can be a fantastic time because you are able to get outside rather than being cooped indoors with a large group of boys. Today I am sharing my collection of favorite creative summer kids party ideas for boys to help you throw a fabulous party. These birthday party ideas are so cool that you may want to try them for your boy’s birthday, special occasion or just because! And it is so awesome because you can sit back, relax and enjoy while the boys are having a blast celebrating! Doing things outdoors are certainly fun no matter party or not. And summer is great for organizing such events. So without delay, check out my top 5 creative summer kids party ideas for boys and start planning 🙂 

5 Creative Summer Kids Party Ideas for Boys

kids party ideas for boys


1. Make your own Color Run 


Boys love to get that energy out so why not set up your very own backyard color run, this famous 5K run involves throwing paint at people as they run by. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard with surprise batches of powdered (non-staining) paint to splash on the boys as they survive each obstacle. Sounds colorful, doesn’t it? Plus it doesn’t cost you a ton to organize an event such as this. Win win! 


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2. Bonfire Party


Boys love fire, usually, so why not get ready to set up a backyard bonfire or campfire with s’mores and other goodies to keep the kids outside, active and entertained for hours. No more having to clean much up because a bonfire party or theme birthday doesn’t require a whole lot of prepping nor clean-up. And who likes to clean up? No one right? Deep pockets are not necessary to give our little ones a good time. Sometimes, simple things such as spending time  with bonfire in the backyard will hold much more happiness than expensive venues decorated professionally. 


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3. Pirate Themed Birthday 


If you dig deeper on my blog, you may see my other posts on the pirate theme. I just love the mystery surrounding the pirates. The decor, the slang, the dress up- these are all perfect to put together a fantastic party based on the theme. Not to mention, my son loves to wear his pirate costume on Halloween. That is his go-to almost every year! So I know he would love a pirate party to celebrate with his friends.   Gather up all of your little pirates and start creating fun décor that is all pirate themed for this spectacular idea of having a pirate themed birthday party. Get bandannas, special pirate snacks and pirate hats as well as pretend swords, if you allow that sort of thing.  And then, sit back as you watch the imagination unfold.


4. Bubble Themed Birthday


Everyone loves bubbles, right? No matter your age you can certainly express a love of bubbles. Setup your backyard with various mini-pools and tables with bubbles everywhere.  Purchase an auto-bubble maker so that you have less work to do, and the boys can simply just run with happiness as they enjoy the birthday party. Perfect! 


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5. Mud and Mess Birthday 


While not every parent will be happy about this idea, boys and all kids, in general, do love their mud. Get the hose ready and set up your backyard into a mud making mess of slip-n-slide fun. To further this theme include mud pie cake made from chocolate, mud pie ice cream made from chocolate and décor that is all based around the theme of mud. Love it? I do! 

Ok to be honest, these creative summer kids party ideas are great for girls too. Because my mini-me would like each of these theme ideas just the same as my boy. But for the ease of finding and organizing all my ideas, I sort of categorized the above party themes for boys. In case you missed, check out the post I wrote on Creative Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Girls. Yeah, I haven’t left them out after all 😉


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While you may not be into the whole creative kids party ideas for boys, part of the job of a parent is work to create everlasting memories in a safe, nurturing environment for their kids. So why not get in touch with your adventurous side this Summer and throw a memorable Summer birthday party for your boys? 


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Have a colorful summer mamas!





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