5 Real Life Examples of Self-Care Activities


Self-care is actually quite simple. Find things that make you feel good. Then do those things.


If you read my pieces regularly, you would know how I talk about the importance of self-care like there is no tomorrow. It seems I never run out of ideas to share. Especially for Moms, self-care remains a challenge in everyday life and I feel I owe it to our bunch to break the curse. Anyways, I am never the one to just “talk about things”. I Walk the talk if you will. Today, I want to share 5 real-life examples of self-care activities that are quite easy to follow. And how I know it is easy? Well, I practice them!

5 Real Life Examples of Self-Care Activities


self-care activities for groups


1. Night Out

For example, When I wrote, go have a girls night out to nurture yourself after a long day at work or at home, I have already done that before you. So I knew it would help with relieving your tiredness. Spending some time with besties is the best medicine for the soul.


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2. Journaling


Gratitude Journaling or just journaling go a long way in finding your inner peace. Therapeutic and calming. I journal religiously and the benefits of it for my mental wellness is amazing.


3. Work Out

Exercise/workout was one of the self-care activities I shout from the rooftop. Although I must admit it is quite challenging to incorporate it into our already busy life. But guess what? I have a slot fixed in my daily routine for workouts. Well, 30 minutes is not much but better than nothing?


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4. Learn a new skill!


When I mentioned learning new skills as a wonderful self-care activity, I was already a piano student with my son at the VERY beginner level! One of the BEST decisions in my life. We all know music is therapy and playing the piano is no different. By the time I write this, I have already participated in three recitals and enjoy the bonding time playing piano with my son. WIN WIN.


5. Unleash the crafty side of you!


Now that we are talking about creativity, I want to share what’s new in my life in the Self-care department. If you remember the quote at the beginning of this post, (here it is in case you forgot: Self-care is actually quite simple. Find things that make you feel good. Then do those things) take a moment to REALLY understand the meaning of it.

What makes you feel good? Is it certain people? Place? Activity? Find whatever that makes you feel good and DO those things. Surround yourself with loved ones, travel to places you always wanted to visit, do things that make you happy. Sound simple enough. But not so easy at the same time when we have to worry about the “logistics”.

Life is filled with problems right? No one has a perfect life. No one has everything figured out. At best what we can do is to paddle through them all and take time to enjoy the little things life has to offer. Because it is in those moments of pure joy, we truly live. I find creating things make me happy. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a crafty person. But yeah I can make passable DIYs and such. Recently, I learned I can work with beads and make nice things- like bracelets, necklaces etc. It was a moment of revelation! I mean, who knew? Yeah, I love jewelry, one of my addictions. They are pretty and I wear my assets when the occasion presents itself. But designing them, making them? I never thought I would. Plus side? I find myself strangely at peace when working with beads. Almost kinda like meditation. Hey, that was new? I didn’t even know beading had the power on me like that.

Anyways, I digress. The point I wanted to make is, do things that make you happy. For that, you have to truly know yourself first. What ticks you? What are your pain points? What makes you happy? Yes!

You would think what nonsense is this. I know myself well enough. Because I am ME, right? Wrong. Sometimes, it is sad to realize even though you are YOU, you are a stranger to yourself. You don’t know you well enough to know what you really want. Once you know this, you can better care for yourself. Self-care begins there.


5 Real Life Examples of Self-Care Activities- Conclusion


With that being said, I have accomplished the purpose of today’s post. Examples of self-care activities taken directly from my own life!

Find things that make you feel good. Then do those things. 


And in case, you are wondering about my jewelry collection and what I am currently working on, feel free to take a look at my Instagram (Yep! I have a page for this and even a name and everything!). Tell me what you think. Love it, hate it, suggestions etc. I love when you chime in. That keeps me on my toes 😉


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Take care of yourself, Mama. xx



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