5 Foods to Help you Sleep Through the Night


Talking about sleep again, are we?

Guess so.

Well, I am forever jealous of people who can instantly fall asleep regardless wherever they are! I mean, how is that even fair? Countless times tossing and turning in bed into the wee hours of the night, gawking at the ceiling and finding hard to calm my brain from racing 200 mph with useless thoughts…it is a sad nightly struggle.

Now, this predicament has also led me to do a ton of research, if I want to be really optimistic about the situation. Like learning about relaxation techniques to unwind before bedtime or even this post about foods that help us sleep better.

If you typically have problems falling asleep at night, there are a number of steps to take to correct this. Believe it or not. One major contributor to how restful your night will be is the food you eat. Yes, it’s true!

These are a few options you can include in your diet that can help you get the adequate night’s sleep you deserve. Here are 5 foods to help you sleep through the night



5 Foods to Help you Sleep Through the Night


5 Foods to help you sleep through the night


1. Turkey


Turkey is well-known for its ability to cause people to drift off to dreamland when they eat too much of it. Why? Turkey contains an amino acid called tryptophan. It increases the amount of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, produced by your body.

In addition, like other meat, turkey contains protein. Studies have also shown that protein helps individuals stay asleep throughout the night.


2. Almonds


There are many different health benefits associated with almonds, making them a popular snack food. One of these benefits is providing your body with melatonin, mentioned above.

Almonds also contain high levels of magnesium, which lowers levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol. When you have a lot of cortisol in your body, while trying to get to sleep, you can easily find your mind racing with no sleep in sight.


3. Passion Flower Tea


Passion flower tea is an herbal tea, popular for its antioxidant properties. The antioxidants found in this potent beverage reduce inflammation and help to decrease the risk of heart disease… an added benefit.

Back on the subject of sleep, there is a special antioxidant found in passion flowers known as apigenin that binds with certain receptors in your brain, helping keep you calm.

Drinking passion flower tea also helps your brain produce more GABA, a chemical which suppresses the effects of other stress chemicals in your brain. These calming effects make passion flower tea one of the ideal drinks that help you sleep.


4. Chamomile Tea


Another popular herbal tea, chamomile tea also contains the sleep-inducing antioxidant apigenin mentioned above. Additionally, it contains antioxidants called flavones which reduce inflammation and lower your risk of developing certain cancers.

The sleep-inducing effects of chamomile tea are similar to passionflower, meaning you can alternate between these teas for variety with similar results.


5. Kiwi


Kiwis are a delicious (low-calorie) fruit, great for snacking. They’re also nutritious, containing high levels of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and high levels of yet another sleep-inducing brain chemical known as serotonin.

Serotonin both helps you to fall asleep and regulates your sleep schedule. The antioxidants found in kiwis are also thought to have an effect on how deeply you sleep throughout the night.

If you are wondering about the tips and tricks on how to make you sleep, bookmark this page.

All of these foods for insomnia sufferers are great and can help to sleep if you add them to your diet. But, it’s also important to consider what NOT to eat before going to bed as well. It really DOES make a difference!


Consuming lots of sugar or stimulants such as caffeine before bed makes it much harder to drift off. Consuming a lot of calories just before bed can also be an issue because you’ll likely end up going to sleep before you have time to work them off.


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Try these 5 foods that help you sleep better through the night and see how it will help improve your sleep habits.



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