5 Golden Rules to be a Happy Stay at Home Mom


Are you a SAHM?

If you’re a stay at home mom, you probably realize just how tough this job is. Being a stay at home mom means that your world revolves around your children. This can become quite overwhelming sometimes. That being said, there are ways to live happily as SAHM. If you are wondering how to be happy being a stay at home, please keep reading. 

I have been a SAHM and WAHM at various points, and have to say both have its pros and cons. Being secretly introvert, I did well as a SAHM. I did not mind lack of adult company and not getting out of the house on a regular basis. I loved my PJ’s and enjoyed heating up my coffee multiple times after its brewed. No shower, brushing my teeth on time? Heaven! Not to mention, spending time with my kiddos all day? The best!


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It sounds easy, but yeah, it is hard. Impossible? No. 

Not that I am anti-social, I looove adulting. Then why was I perfectly fine by being a SAHM? My thoughts were bouncing around this question recently and I have come up with  5 golden rules to be a happy stay at a home mom. When you’re a stay at home mom, it’s important to follow these few golden rules to be fulfilled in your role as a mother. Why do I call them GOLDEN rules? Because they just are! Golden since it works. Golden since it will make you happy. Golden since it will be your path to ultimate self-care while still enjoying motherhood and SAHM life! 

So without further delay, below are my 5 Golden Rules to be a Happy Stay At Home Mom


5 Golden Rules to be a Happy Stay At Home Mom


Ignore Household Chores


I get that household chores need to be done, but if you allow yourself to be consumed with dirty dishes and the piles of laundry, you’ll stress yourself out. The golden rule of thumb for stay at home moms is to set a specific time for household chores. If it isn’t time to get the chores done, ignore them. It’s perfectly acceptable that your house isn’t spotless all day long.



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Take a Shower


Although I gush fondly about a day I didn’t have to shower, let’s not forget how good it is for you! Sure it may sound like a difficult feat, taking a shower when you’re a stay at home mom. No matter how difficult the act of showering may seem, it’s something that you must do every morning. Starting your stay at home mom day with a shower helps to get your eyeballs awake, your mind moving and it will relax your muscles to deal with anything the kids toss at you during the day.


Read, Read, Read


The third gold rule to be a happy stay at home mom is to read parenting content online. There are many forums and online articles about parenthood that will encourage you to learn how to manage your time, budget your money and keep your sanity while being a stay at a home mom. Hey, my blog is one place you can drop by to read all of the above and more! 🙂

Be open to reading as many self-help resources as you can to ensure you’re constantly adapting to be happy.


Play with Your Kids


This golden rule to be a happy stay at home mom should be obvious. The problem is that most moms get so involved trying to complete their to-do list of the day that they forget to pause and spend time with their kids. It’s important that you get down to the kids level during the day and play with them. It will help you smile more and it will be good for the kids too.

Keep a Journal


The last golden rule to be a happy stay at home mom is to keep a gratitude journal. Be sure to write in a journal or blog online about every good thing that occurred during your day. This will remind you that no matter how difficult being a stay at home mom is, that there are some amazing experiences you don’t miss out on because you’re there to raise the kids every day.  


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Each of these golden rules to be a happy stay at home mom will ultimately allow you to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. It’s important that you take the time to be an individual while raising your kids. As I have mentioned time and time again, wonderful things will happen if only you take better care of yourself. It might be hard.  At least at the start. But don’t let Motherhood pull you away from enjoying YOU. I hope this post will help you to balance your responsibilities to yourself and to your family. 


Good luck!





5 Golden Rules to be a Happy Stay at Home Mom

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