5 Important Life Skills to Teach Kids

As a parent we do everything we can to help our children thrive!

We want them to be the best they can, and schools do a great job to educate and help them grow, but some skills we can teach at home! These are called life skills, it is imperative your child learns these skills so they can endure and survive in life! So below are some important life skills to teach your child along the way.

These skills are great for children of all ages. You will know when a good time is to teach your child certain skills. 

5 Important  Life Skills to Teach Kids 

5 Important Tips to Teach Children Life Skills


 This is important for boys and girls to learn. We have to eat to survive and letting your child help when you are cooking is a great way to teach them! they will learn how to cook, and trying to serve healthy meals is good as well. You can also teach polite dining etiquette, it can really help them throughout their whole lives. That way when they go off to college or leave your home, they can cook for themselves and you don’t have to worry.  

First Aid Care

Some parents might not think of this, but kids get hurt all the time! Teaching your child first aid care is very important. As they grow they will learn how to take care of themselves when they get a cut or scrape. Its teaching them to know how to protect and do the right thing in an emergency. That is if you cut your leg deep, tying your shirt or belt around your leg. Things like that, so that if they do find themselves or someone else hurt they know what to do. 

Money Management

This is a huge one, teaching your child the value of money and how to save for the future. It will help them to know they need to save money for the future. Teach them how much to spend and what needs to be saved. 

House Repairs

If you are savvy at house repairs make sure to have your child learn! Say your toilet gets clogged, try and show your kid the steps. Fixing a light bulb, or whatever other issues arise. They may be simple to you, but some teens don’t know these simple things because they were never taught! 

Self Defense

 Anymore with all the crimes that take place everyday, knowing self defense can really save your life. Have your child join a self defense class, karate, or whatever else your community offers. Or go to you tube and find self defense videos to watch to learn how to protect yourself in certain situations. Learning these skills will keep them focused in the situations if they arise. Even teaching your child stranger danger is great, not taking candy from strangers. It doesn’t have to be an older aged child, you can start very young. 

I know some of these might seem simple, but it is actually a conscious effort to take time to teach our kiddos of these  simple life skills. Kids are like sponges and soak things up, they love to help and if you can allow them to learn you will be surprised.

It is a great way to teach your child to succeed in all area’s of their lives! 


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