5 Little Known Ways to Save Money on Camping

As someone who was born and raised in the wilderness of  East, you would think that I am a nature girl. The beauty of the lush green forest and the haunting aloofness that one feels in the company of nature was something that was always foreign to me.

You see, I lived in country side back home. Call it Nature’s Lap, the place was breathtaking with its natural greenery. We lived at the onset of a thick forest and encountering wild animals was just normal in our day to day living.  No joke my friends, but don’t even think of calling me a ‘girl from the wild’ because I was more like a city girl.  I didn’t understand why my Dad had to drag me along with him on his infamous trekking expeditions often when I was young. In fact, I dreaded his invitations specially if it involved overnight stay in some godforsaken part of the forest. While my brother enjoyed the experience and looked forward to our trips, I hated every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the mystery and peace Mother Nature offered, but I would rather enjoy it from afar. I didn’t want to throw myself at great outdoors with bonfire and sleeping tents, know what I mean?

Anyhow, things changed when I moved to the west. Lots of things I took for granted back home became scarce in my new life.

Living in suburbs, it is a luxury to come across rare sightings of deer, rabbits or other animals. But back home stepping on elephants, monkeys and deer were an everyday thing to us. This is no exaggeration, trust me!

I also missed the quietness and the pure air I breathed in mornings staring at the mysterious yet beautiful green forest at a distance. I have to admit, it was a little piece of heaven..

Whaaat?? I couldn’t believe I was actually missing the wilderness back home for the first time!

During summer,  I saw  people packing up their bags to go camping up north. And I thought that was great! Finally a chance for them to explore nature up close. While they will never know about the kind of life I had exploring the wild growing up, it is still good enough to keep connection with nature through some means. And going camping is perfect in that sense!

That being said, I am putting together 5 Little Known Ways to Save Money on Camping to help you with your camping explorations. You can get more bang for your bucks by following these ideas mentioned below. Money should never be a factor in gaining the best experience from great outdoors if planned right.

5 Little Known Ways to Save Money on Camping

We all love camping, it is the best part of summer and it is such a great time, but it can cost a fortune and that just takes a lot of the fun out of it in the end. Have no fear, though, because I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to camp without breaking the bank. So when you go on your next camping trip you can truly enjoy it with absolutely no worries about your money whatsoever.


Once the idea of going camping comes to your head, the first thing that should be on your mind before planning should be saving some money for the trip. This way you could possibly set yourself a budget, it would help out as you start to plan your trip. You will know exactly just how much you can afford. There are a lot of things saving can help you with. So like I said next time the idea of a camping trip pops up, start saving right away.


You may run into a problem with not having camping gear that you need, things such as tents, coolers, sleeping bags, etc. These items can be awfully expensive and since you’re trying to camp without breaking your bank you need to refrain from buying these items. It can be hard to do this because some things are crucial for camping. So you should ask to borrow these items from friends or family. This will ensure you have what you need, without a doubt.


When it comes to food for your camping trip, this is the part that tends to be the most expensive and to cut the cost down quite a bit or even completely it calls for planning. First, you are going to need to figure out exactly how long you are going to be camping this way you will know how much food to prepare. The next step is to set up a meal plan for each day, this will give you the exact idea of how much food you will need. To save your money completely, you can try and use only stuff you have at home already this way you don’t need to go shopping.

4.Stay close

Try and camp as close to home as possible, if you can. Doing this you will save you so much money on gas because you won’t be traveling far and it will help you avoid having to go very far for things that you may have forgotten or something you may need. Gas is extremely expensive these days and this by far one of the easiest ways to save money on your camping trip.

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Campgrounds that have water and electricity often cost a lot for just one night’s stay. You don’t really need those things, I mean this is camping, after all, a time to connect with the great outdoors, get away from electricity and relax. So the best option is to do your research ahead of time and find places that charge less or maybe don’t even charge anything at all (yes they do exist).

See, camping doesn’t have to be expensive there are plenty of ways to do it cheaply. Take these tips and tricks of how to camp without breaking the bank and use them for your next camping trip. Whether you are just trying to save some money or you really want to go but can’t afford all the expenses, these tips are here for you to use. Have you used any one of these 5 little known ways to save money on camping ?

There are plenty of other tricks and tips out there that can help you save even more. Do you know of any that aren’t on here?

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Also, tell me! What do you love most about camping? 

For me, it is waking up to Mother Nature gazing down on us quietly in the morning…

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