5 Positive Parenting Tips to Raise Happy Kids

Most parents can agree that we all want the same thing for our kids.

We want to raise them to be happy, healthy and well-rounded with a side of respect and empathy towards others. It’s important for parents to know that they are doing their best to raise happy kids because rthe eality is no one wishes their child to grow into an adult with emotional issues.

5 Positive Parenting Tips to Raise Happy Kids

5 Positive Parenting Tips to Raise Happy Kids

Today I am sharing 5 positive parenting tips to raise happy kids as a means to guide you towards being successful raising the type of kids you want to raise, happy and healthy ones.

1.Nurture Your Own Happiness

There is no way to raise happy kids if you are not happy yourself. The first step in positive parenting is to ensure that YOU are a positive person. Take the time you need to wind down every day, to relax and reconnect with who you really are deep within. Taking time to nurture your own happiness on a regular basis also helps to ensure your kids learn to place priority on their happiness in the future.

Happy parent = Happy kids.


2.Speak Uplifting Words

Always be certain to take a moment from your business life and say something uplifting to your kids. A kid who grows up in a positive environment will have less risk of being miserable because their home environment doesn’t give them a chance to be unhappy. If your child has accomplished something that is important to them, then take a moment to speak to them in a happy voice giving praise for their accomplishment. This may be the best and easiest two minutes of your parental life while raising happy kids.

3.Teach Communication Skills

One of the easiest ways to be happy as a kid and adult is to learn better communication skills. When one can articulate what they think and how they are feeling about a situation or event then they will exhibit higher self-esteem. Raising happy kids is all about encouraging self-confidence and providing the skill set necessary to be confident no matter what. Communication is a learned trait; we are not always born knowing how to properly communicate or thoughts and feelings when one may disagree with us.  

4.Expect Effort

Let go of perfectionism, it’s overrated!

Kids will never be perfect molds of who you envision them to be, just as you are not ever going to be the perfect parent. Learning to expect appropriate levels of effort, rather than perfectionism with your kids is the biggest way to raise happy kids. Only you know your kids best, so you are best suited to determine what level of effort to expect from each kid. When kids are raise by parents who expect effort versions perfectionism, they are happier kids!

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5.Don’t Try to Make Your Kids Happy

The most confusing part of raising happy kids is that parent’s often will confuse making their kid happy all the time with raising happy kids. Here’s the thing, positive parenting involves consistency and discipline. Boundaries will provide a positive and uplifting home environment. Your happy kids will get in trouble and have to learn a life lesson, that’s simply part of life.

Providing your kids with a positive, safe and secure environment is probably the biggest part of raising happy kids.

So what do you think? Any tips to share in raising happy kids for the future?

Are you a positive parent? Use comments to voice your thoughts. Lets discuss and learn.


  1. Great tips, Vinma! Your emphasis on nurturing your own happiness and teaching communication skills is spot on. Happy parents do lead to happy kids. Creating a positive, loving, and disciplined environment is crucial. Keep sharing your valuable insights!

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