5 Tips For Busy Moms To Manage Laundry


Everyone has to have clean clothing, so these Tips For Busy Moms To Manage Laundry are going to be a huge help to your routine.  From sorting to folding and putting things away, busy moms everywhere need to be able to manage laundry without a fuss. A few simple tricks will help them to keep things going without stress or worries.


5 Tips For Busy Moms To Manage Laundry


5 Tips for Busy Moms to Manage Laundry


1. Invest in sorting baskets for every bedroom

 Sorting clothing directly into baskets for whites, darks and delicates as you take them off saves a ton of time in the long run.  Not only can you grab and drop directly into the washing machine, it will help you to keep individual family members laundry separate as well.  If you work it the right way, you can manage to do each family members laundry separately. This makes it even easier when it is time to sort and fold or put things away.

2. Personalized baskets for folding and putting away

 Set up your laundry room with baskets for each family member.  As you pull laundry out of the dryer take the time to put it directly into the laundry basket of the person it belongs to.  You can assign everyone their own basket to fold and put away, or you can fold as you remove from the laundry and then have them put their own things away.  


3. Assign days

If you have a large family, it works great to assign each family member a laundry day. Once kids are old enough to sort their own laundry, they can even manage to wash, dry, fold and out away on their own. Most kids can manage the bulk of this on their own by the time they are 7-8 years old with minimal supervision.  When everyone has their own laundry day, you won’t find stacks of laundry left to do at the end of the week.


4. Keep hangers in the laundry room

This one quick step can make things much easier to put away. Keep hangers in your laundry room so things that should be hanging can go directly on a hanger right out of the dryer.  This will save time when you and your children put it away, as well as help prevent wrinkles on clothing so you won’t have to iron them later.


5. Teach your kids laundry basics early

  We already talked about kids being responsible for their own laundry, but you really should address this specifically with your kids at an early age.  From the time they are toddlers and putting their own clothes on each day – they are able to help you with laundry. Laundry time is perfect for teaching colors as well as organization.  When they are young, you can have them help you sort laundry, as well as make sure zippers are zipped, buttons are buttoned and clothing is right side out. As they get older, you can teach them how to load the washing machine, add soap, start and even use the dryer.  When they are old enough, you can leave them to the laundry on their own. This is a basic life skill that they need, but that will also help you.


These tips for busy moms to manage laundry are all about using your family and time wisely in the laundry room.  Laundry should never be the responsibility of just one family member. Take the time to work with your kids to help them understand the process, and you’ll find your chore list lower and their confidence and responsibility higher.


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