5 Tips on How to Save Money at Disney World

If Disney Land or Disney World is on your list of potential vacation destinations don’t fret, you can still enjoy the park without breaking the bank.  With proper planning and a little pre-park education, you can easily utilize these 5 Tips on How to Save Money at Disney World and walk out of the park with money in your pocket.  Going to the Happiest Place on Earth is well within your reach, and enjoying tons of attractions, treats and events inside the park can also be done with the right amount of planning.  While this list does not help you save money on the park tickets themselves, it does give some good ideas as what to expect inside the park and some easy ways to save money on your trip.

5 Tips on How to Save Money at Disney World

ANNUAL PASS FOR PARKING.  One of the first expenses you encounter at Disney Land or Disney World is going to be paying to park in one of the lots or parking structures.  This charge is anywhere from $12-$16 per day depending on the lot chosen and if you also wish to ride the tram from the lot to the gates you will likely encounter an additional charge or desire to tip the driver.  If you happen to know someone in the area who already has a premier annual passport to the Disney Park you may get the chance to carpool with them and get free parking.  If not, make sure you carpool rather than taking multiple cars to save as much as possible on parking.  Over the course of one week at a Disney park, you can easily spend $100 on parking alone.  When buying tickets or booking a vacation package always make sure to ask ahead of time if they have a weekly parking pass for a lower out of pocket rate. If done right, this could help you save money in the Disney World!

BRING WATER BOTTLES.  Water fountains are found all over the place inside both parks for anyone to use.  Most food vendors in the park also will be able to give you water for free.  Although soft drinks, juice and beverages may sound nice, water is going to be your best bet for keeping well hydrated as well as stretching your pocketbook.  And if flavor is an issue, you can grab a package of the inexpensive flavor packets or drops to go in your water to create whatever your favorite flavor would be on the go.

PARK FOOD PASSES.  At select times of the year, some Disney Parks will have a flat rate pass you can purchase that covers food at select in-park vendors all day.  In the past, they have had passes for as low as $20 a day per person.  With prices in the park rather expensive, this is a great thing to watch for to save money while visiting a Disney Park.  Even when these are not available they do have Disney Dining Deals that allow you to take advantage of discounts on park dining that includes meals with Characters if you so choose and reserve in time.

SOUVENIRS.   There is an incredible lure in the shops within the gates of Disneyland and Disneyworld but there are many items within that can be purchased elsewhere for much lower prices.  Keychains, Magnets, Costumes, T-Shirts, Jackets and more are readily available at many discount retailers in the area of each park for quite literally up to 50% less than you will pay within the park.  The only items that are not often available outside the park will be the Disney Collector Pins (Some available online and in-store at Disney stores, but many are park specific or available for trade online or in the park) and the traditional Disney Mickey Ears.  Although these are available online, in the park there is no additional fee for having yours or your child’s names embroidered on the back.  Otherwise, steer clear of the shops and grab your souvenirs outside to save money.

Note: Do take advantage of the various mail drop boxes inside the parks to send postcards to friends and family with the postmark from Disneyland or Disney world USA on them.  Postcards and stamps can be purchased in the park for a standard nominal price.

5 Tips on How to Save Money at Disney World

How to Save money at Disney world Trip

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CityPASS.  CityPass is available in select cities nationwide for discounts on local attractions.  In this case, the Southern California CityPass is available for use with Disneyland Parks (currently not available in Florida for Disneyworld).  The pass offers a multi-day park hopper pass for not only the Disney parks but also other area attractions.  If you are planning a multi-day stay in Southern California this can save over $100 per person on tickets to local attractions.

Hope you find these tips on how to save money at Disney World helpful. If you have any other tips to add , please use the comment section.

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