5 Uses of Water

Water, the necessity in life.

Our bodies need water to function properly, stay hydrated and continue moving in a healthy direction in life. If you want to know 5 reasons to drink water, then read on and possibly share with a family member who refuses to drink that lovely H2O.

5 Uses of Water

5 Uses of Water


Natural Headache Cure

Headaches are usually caused by dehydration, most people are not fully aware they are dehydrated so when you start to get that headache going, grab a jug of water and start drinking up.  Sometimes our headaches are a small reminder that our body needs fluid, if you grab up some water, drink it and then start to feel that headache removed – then it is quite possible you were dehydrated.

Mood Enhancer

While water is known to hydrate the body, keep your immune system boosted and help maintain regularity which is fantastic news; when you have your body functioning properly from the most water intake possible, your mood will be uplifted. Let’s face it, when your body is happy with you, then you are happier!

Natural Weight Loss

Dehydration can trigger a false sense of hunger, which would then make you eat more food and gain more weight. When you drink water on a regular basis, about half a gallon of water daily, then you will fill that void that your body feels when dehydrated. With no more false hunger triggers, because your tummy is full of water, you will start to lose weight naturally.

Keeps Kidney Stones Away

While keeping kidney stones away is no guarantee with anything, there have been many studies completed that show when people drink more water, they are less likely to get kidney stones. This makes sense; a hydrated body is a happy body and won’t get sick as easily.

Improves your Complexion

When you hydrate your tummy with eight 8-oz glasses of water a day, you are also hydrating your skin. When you drink the minimum amount of water required daily, your skin will start to look softer, fresh and nearly glowing with the moisturized look that water provides your complexion.

Reality is there are so many positive benefits to drinking water; hopefully the 5 reasons water is good for you listed here will shed some light on why H2O is a vitally important part of your day!


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