5 Vital Decisions for End of Life Care for Women

Today’s topic is something I have been putting off for a while. Why? Because nobody likes to talk about death, the end of this life. Quite unpleasant, right?

No one enjoys preparing for the end. We all face death and someday will have to take that final leap into the great unknown. But the subject is Elephant in the Room we studiously avoid at all times. Because we can put off things we don’t like to deal with. We are adults. There is too much suffering around us to deal with anyway, why get into heavier stuff that we do not have to stomach yet? Reasonable thought.


So like anybody else, I spend my days writing tons about personal care and self-love and fill this blog with just that. Because hey! There is a HUGE need for women to hear about feel-good stuff from someone. A Constant reminder is needed that they are worthy, they are important. But it is not lost on me that knowingly or unknowingly, I have also taken the responsibility to stay true to my mission of self-care and spark thoughts in your mind about the end of life care as well. So, sorry not sorry. Here we go, mamas.

As women, we have families and loved ones that will remain after we are gone and they will be the ones that carry out our final wishes. Do they know what those wishes are? How are we prepared for our end of life care?


Here are five end of life decisions that women should take care of as adults to prepare for this trying time

Five Vital Decisions for End of Life Care for Women

End of life care for women


Do I have a will?

Having a will ensures that your family and loved ones will get what you wish, but also that your wishes will be met. People use their wills for many purposes and not all of them are simply to divvy out assets. Spend some time crafting your will and let it be a peaceful final way of expressing love and concern for those left behind.

What will they do with me?

Are you to be buried, or cremated? This question has been raging for years and everyone seems to have an opinion. When it comes down to the individual speaking about themselves, the question is not always so simple and quick. This is one decision you need to have in writing and but back with your will to ensure your wishes are followed.


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Do I have enough life insurance?

As women, life insurance often gets overlooked. Whether you are a housewife or work outside the home, you are still a major contributor to the family unit and losing you would be costly one way or the other. Life insurance is needed and should be discussed openly and directly with your partner. If you are a single parent, then you need even more life insurance. Speak with someone independent and get a review to see where you fall.

Where will I be kept?

Even when you are cremated, some people don’t want to be set up on a mantle. Some want their ashes sprinkled in a specific place or out to sea. Still others want to be buried in a specific plot or location. All of these arrangements can be made far in advance of your actual death and should be for your own peace of mind. Knowing your final resting spot is a secure feeling and is well worth your time.


What if I am unable to care for myself during the last days?


Is there a plan in place to handle such an occurrence?  If not, this is a very important part of your final planning. If you want specifics to be considered in this situation, you need to get them down in clear writing now while you have your faculties. Some people refuse to go to live with loved ones and rather prefer to go to a nursing home. Some folks would not want the plug pulled if they were in a certain state. All of these things should be discussed openly and honestly with someone that can make it happen for you. A trusted family lawyer would be a great place to start.


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Ok, I have to admit, this was a bit heavy to write. But it was rewarding just the same to talk about it for all the right reasons. I hope this post has provided you with some food for thought and help you begin to prepare for a phase of life that is inevitable.


xoxo Mama

5 Vital Decisions for End of Life Care for Women

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