5 Ways to Shop Smart on Back to School Clothes


Can we talk back to school? I know I know summer vacation has just started and you may want me to shut up talking about back to school shopping already. But what can I say, the truth is as soon as the summer heat sets in retailers are already preparing for their back to school clothes sales. You will see sales on clothes perfect for back to school! So NOW would be a great time to prep you well with your shopping needs and score great deals! And who doesn’t like that? 

Below I want to share some ways you can save money for Back to school clothes! 

Also, keep reading for a roundup for my best back to school organizing tips, back to school shopping lists, school lunches hacks etc at the end of this post. Bookmark and keep them all in one place so you can be all ready for the new academic year in style!

For parents, you not only have to buy lots of back to school supplies, but you also have to generally buy some new items to add to the wardrobe! If you have more than one kid, you know it really adds up fast. For my children, I gotta shop smart, otherwise, my wallet will cry later on…So I pay attention to the following money saving tips to stay on track. 

5 Ways to Shop Smart on Back to School Clothes


shopping for back to school clothes


1. Budget


 Try and sit down and set a budget for what you want to spend on clothes. Just come up with a dollar amount that you feel comfortable spending. This way you won’t have regrets when the credit card bill comes in, or you look in your wallet and all the cash is gone. 

2. Look through Closet


Make sure to look through each child’s closet. Find clothes that may be tucked away and are in good condition. Use them as staple pieces for outfits when you head out to shop. That way you could save a little money on jeans if your child has 4 good pair at home. 

3. Yard Sales

Shop yard sales or hit up your local Goodwill/Thrift stores. This is a great place to find deals on clothes. Some yard sales have clothes for $0.50-$1. You can find gently used clothes for so much cheaper than in-store items. 


4. Shopping online


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If you shop online, use a site like Ebates, it will give you cash back on your purchase. You can shop stores like Kohl’s, Macy’s, Children’s Place and more and get a select percentage back on your purchase. If you do shop online, look for promo codes for free shipping or discounts at RetailMeNot.com, and shop clearance. 

5. Buying In-Stores


If you want to go to the store and shop, make sure to look up their website online or see if they have an app like Target Cartwheel. This is a great place to find discounts like 20% off or Buy one item get one free. A lot of stores just scan the coupon right off your phone, which saves from having to print it out. Also, sign up for newsletters for your favorite stores. Stores like JCPenneys will send $10 off $10 or more purchases from time to time. That makes the item free! 


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I sure hope this shopping for school clothes ideas will help you put back some money in your pocket while not compromising on essentials and even on some latest trends.


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P:S: Share your best back to school tips with us!

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