5 Whimsical Bridal Shower Theme Ideas for the Beach!


Have you attended any weddings this summer? What are the chances? 110% probably!

If a bridal shower is in your cards and looking for ideas to host one of a kind event, I have a bunch of awesomesauce beach-themed fun suggestions to get you going. Get ready to throw a wonderful bridal shower and be on your way to become the best bridesmaid ever!


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Summer is full of weddings and these beach themed bridal shower ideas are going to fit perfectly into that next ocean side or destination wedding of your friends. A great time to enjoy yourself and spend quality moments with loved ones!   A bridal shower can be a fun and elegant way to share your happiness with a soon to be bride.  It can also be a great time for everyone to join together and have fun, play games and cut loose a bit before things settle down and she becomes a Mrs. instead of a Ms.  These ideas are sure to make everyone happy at your next bridal shower.


5 Whimsical Bridal Shower Theme Ideas for the Beach!


Beach Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

1. Serve beach-themed cocktails


What’s a party without cocktails? And a bridal shower is incomplete without one!There are dozens of colorful cocktails and mocktails out there that are perfect for a beach bridal shower theme.  Blue, orange, red, pink and green colors are tons of fun.  If you have the ability to make some frozen drinks, those bring the beach theme together even better.  Invest in fun glasses to serve them in, along with the classic chunks of fresh fruit on paper umbrella picks in the corner.


2. Make it a “day spa” themed party


 You can grab some easy to make recipes online for things like foot scrubs, or you can simply grab several bright colors of nail polish and make it a fun manicure or pedicure party.  A day spa or mani/pedi party are both perfect for a beach theme since you want your skin and nails to be gorgeous when out on the beach.


3. Decorate flip-flop in the bridal colors


If your crew loves to craft, this is a fun take-home favor that also celebrates the bride to be.  Inexpensive flip flops found at the local craft store along with ribbon and tulle in the bridal colors make great easy to assemble favors for your guests to take home.


4. Serve traditional tropical foods


 Alongside your fun beach themed cocktails you can enjoy things like a traditional Hawaiian lunch box meal.  Serve steamed rice, Kaluha pork, Teriyaki chicken and classic macaroni salad for a fun and delicious meal that pays homage to the beaches of Oahu and Maui.


5. Use easy beach themed decorations


Seashells, blue and white colored glass beadstiki torches and similar are perfect for decorating the party location.  Blue and white bring about that beach theme with ease.  You can even add in some seafoam green, little vials of sand and special seashells on the tables for added effect.  For the frugal planner, the dollar stores will carry simple glass jars and bowls you can place sand or glass beads into and create a fun centrepiece with seashells or fragrant flowers.

These whimsical beach bridal shower theme ideas are sure to make the bride-to-be feel wonderful.  Work around her bridal colors to give it a more intimate and unique feel.  Consult about favorite foods, drinks and desserts to really match the feel she would enjoy. Beach themed parties bring the tropics to life for the whole wedding party with ease.


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Heading to the beach for a bridal shower? Take these magical bridal shower ideas along and have a blast with friends and family!

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