6 Easy Steps to Keep your House Clean and Tidy


I LOVE to clean my house.

Said no one ever.

Do I hear a unanimous yes on that? Heck yes!

For parents who are juggling a lot of responsibilities, keeping the house in order can seem nearly impossible.  Fret no more though. In this post, I share tips on how to have a clean and tidy home that is orderly and ready for company at any moment.  

These simple rules are going to take away the frustration, and give everyone plenty of room for fun family time in the process.


6 Easy Steps to Keep your House Clean and Tidy


6 Easy tips to keep your home clean and tidy

1. Create chore charts so nothing gets forgotten

  Sit down and create the ultimate chore chart that will cover everything your family has to do to keep the house clean. Include everything from dusting to vacuuming and cleaning pet toys or litter pans.  This master list can then be transferred onto charts for reach child or family member.


2. Assign every family member daily, weekly and monthly tasks

Take your master list and divide chores among the family.  Every person will have something reasonable to take care of each day.  For variety, you can swap these out on a weekly or monthly basis, but make sure that all chores are covered.  When everyone pitches in, it makes it much less daunting.


3. Make a no toys outside the bedroom rule and enforce it.

 One big time waster is picking up clutter in living areas.  Make a rule and enforce it regarding toys and other items being outside the bedroom or playroom.  Put these items in a tub to donate if found outside their home without permission.  Kids learn fast when they lose their favorite items.


4. Invest in proper storage for magazines, throws, toys and electronics.

From book cases to magazine racks or ottomans that double as storage, a home looks much tidier when things are in their home.  As long as you provide a proper home for everything, it will make your home look neater, and thus be easier to keep clean.


5. Deep clean one room per day.

Things like baseboards, ceiling fans and dusting hard to reach places should be done regularly.  Assign one room per day to handle with deep cleaning.  Instead of facing the entire house, you can spend half an hour a day tackling one room and keeping everything in top shape.  You can do one room per week, or maybe one room every other day if your home isn’t large or if you have even stricter time limits.


6. Keep cleaning supplies in all bathrooms.

 Make sure you have child locks on cabinets in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room.  Next make sure you have your all-purpose cleaners in each bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.  This will save steps when time to clean since you’ll have multiple easy to access areas with cleans you need.


Keeping your house clean and tidy doesn’t have to be hard. These house cleaning tips are great for families where both parents work outside the home full time.

 A bit of organization and teamwork makes a huge difference.  

6 Easy Steps to keep your home clean and tidy


Have tips of your own for a clean and tidy home? Share away! 🙂



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