6 Effective Self Care Tips for Moms

The day has been long and it is far from over. You’re not sure how you gonna make it to bedtime. You are not alone. Every day moms around the world go through it. We are an overwhelmed bunch of folks!  Self-care for moms is a subject that is forever relevant and it should be treated with importance. We have a bad habit of not taking care of ourselves. And when I say “bad habit”, mind you I mean it literally and figuratively.

It is easy to overlook ourselves. It is easy to put our needs on the back burner and take care of your family’s needs first. It is just so easy to conveniently forget what WE want and worry about what others want from YOU.

Tell me, is this all bad habit or what? I will not say not to take care of your family. After all, they are the reason for your happiness. They are your legacy. What I am saying is it is never a bad idea to reset when the non-stop going gets tough. Might your battery need a little recharge? A gentle nudge? A bit of personal care? The key to how moms can reset after a long day is self-care. Taking that time to resetting yourself can do a lot of good that you can ever imagine! Think your batteries getting turbocharged and voila! You are ready for the long haul. Until you need another pit stop 🙂 In this post I am sharing 6 self-care tips for Moms who are tired and in need of some love. Time to time I implement steps mentioned below and vouch for its functionality (weird word to use, right?) 

6 Effective Self Care Choices I Make As Mom

selfcare for moms


And may you not wonder how this reset is possible because I have just the tools and ideas you need to make it happen. I am here to help so you can recharge yourself after a long day. Let’s make it possible together to care for ourselves first so we can take care of our families. Let’s make YOU as good as new again! 

And this is how It is done. Well, these are my own self-care tips/strategies to help me cope when things get a bit out of hand. You are welcome to try any or all of these tips:


1. Escape from Reality for few minutes

Find a moment to escape. If this means putting on the TV then so be it. So often we are made to feel guilty for occupying the kids and running off to the next room for some quiet. It is okay to take a break and it can help you be a better mother.


2. Treat it with Coffee/Tea/Favorite beverage

Grab some tea or coffee. Sometimes an afternoon pick me up is just what you need to keep you from breaking down while you are being bombarded by a chorus of “Mom. Mom. Mom…” It would be even better if you can sneak a nap with the little ones.


3. Read Away

Pick up a book and enjoy some reading. This can be your bible or the newest thriller by your favorite author. Choose something that makes you happy and you are more likely to put down feeling happy. Let the kids see you reading in a comfy place and they will be more likely to turn to a good book on a bad day as they grow up.


4. Phone-a-friend

Take some time to chat with a friend. While a phone call may be hard with kids running around you can still benefit from a quick text chat with your best friend. From venting about your rough day to hearing about the newest things going on in her life you will walk away from the conversation ready to take on the bedtime routine.


5. Fix your Perspective

Take a moment to look for the good. The good going on in your life. Name 3 simple things that you have to be grateful for. Sometimes a change of perspective is all you need.


6. Work through your To-do list Therapy

If you need a bit of motivation pull out your to-do list. Tackle the quickest easiest projects on the list. Watching things get done is a great way to give yourself a pick me up. Need a cheat? Add some things you got done today to your list and mark them off. It is so satisfying on a tough day to see how much you really got done.


6 Effective Self-Care Choices I make as a Mom- Self care for Moms


What do you think of these self-care tips for Moms? Love it? I do! And it is perfectly understandable if you can’t make these happen all in one day. No one can, not even me. What I do suggest is though, take one step per day towards your own personal care. Start to love yourself enough to stop whatever you are doing right now. Stop racing against time, stop worrying about today’s menu, and stop thinking you are not good enough. Life is so much more than worrying about everything you can possibly think of.

Look in the mirror now.

Have you seen this person before? Does she at least look familiar? If not,  start acquainting with her, or reacquaint I should say. Looking into yourself deeply is the first step to self-care. And no worries, you have all the time in the world…


P.S: Self-care for Moms is a very relevant and important topic. And for all the right reasons, I am writing an eBook about how Moms can better care for themselves even when they think there is NO time. The book will include personal care ideas and why is it important for you as a Mom to put yourself first sometimes. It will include resources and communities info that Moms can be part of to feel belonged and also to get help in times of need. Other busy moms may also make an appearance with their BEST self-care tips and ideas and I am saying, YOU shouldn’t miss getting your hands on my book when it is out! Sign up below so I can include you on my mailing list and you will be one of the first ones to know when my Mom Care book is published, yay!

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