6 Halloween Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Halloween is tomorrow!

If your little ones are celebrating their birthday as well on this spooktacular day, you might want to read this post 🙂

I have come up with some fun Halloween themed birthday party ideas that are hauntingly AMAZING!

6 Halloween Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

6 Kids Halloween Birthday Party Ideas


These kids Halloween birthday party ideas are perfect for combing two of your kids favorite holidays into one big celebration.  Halloween is perfect for creating a fun costume party, and kids will love making that the theme for their birthday.  With candy, treats, decorations and more so fun and creepy, everyone in the family will be having tons of fun at this epic Halloween themed birthday party.

1. Make it a costume party

 Choose a theme, or just make it a costume party in general.  Encourage kids and adults to dress as whatever they like.  Scary, fun, silly – just as long as they dress up.  Masks make it harder to tell who is who and can make for a fun party for kids and adults alike.

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2. Serve blood punch and finger sandwiches

 These kids Halloween birthday party ideas include snacks that are yummy and gross at the same time.  A bowl of red fruit punch can have floating finger and toe ice cubes, or even frozen eyeball ice cubes.  Finger sandwiches aren’t including fingers but cut into bite sized pieces that are delicious, easy for kids to eat and can of course be labelled as finger sandwiches to gross out the kids.

3. Have a mummy wrapping contest

Mummies are classic Halloween characters.  Grab some rolls of toilet paper or tissue paper and divide kids into teams to wrap each other up as mummies.  Hold a contest to see who makes the best mummy using just simple paper and imagination.

4. Guess what’s in the bowl

 Fill bowls with things that could seem gross like cold spaghetti, Jello, grapes and even macaroni and cheese.  Blindfold kids and have them reach into the bowls to guess what gross item you have hidden for them today.  Brains, intestines, eyeballs and more are fun things kids will often guess.

5. Carve pumpkins

  Nothing is more fun than grabbing a bunch of pumpkins and simple kid safe carving kits.  Let them stencil on designs, or just freehand a great scary face on the front of their pumpkin.  Find some tea light candles, or battery operated tea light candles to go inside them to light them up.

6. Decorate your house as a haunted house

Turn your house into a fun haunted house that is sure to thrill all the kids.  Depending on the age of your kids, you can make it super spooky or just a little bit silly.  Have friends help by dressing up and jumping out to scare the kids.  Makeover each room into a different haunted area.  Include a black cauldron with witches brew.

These great kids Halloween birthday party ideas will keep everyone happy for hours.  Halloween makes a great fun time to throw a party for birthdays or just because!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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