6 Tips To Consider Before You Buy A New Furnace


Not being nerdy or anything but tis’ the season everyone talks about furnaces. As we settle into deep cold temperatures in the coming months, furnaces take an important part of our daily living, agree? The last thing we want then is our furnace stop working. Man! Happened to us last year in one of the coldest days! Not joking, true story. We had to spend a WHOLE day freezing indoors while my husband tried to find a technician to come over and fix our furnace on short notice. The worst part was we had to wait overnight as no one was available in our time of need. Thanks to our little portable heaters, we survived one of the worst winter nights ever in one piece!


Certainly not something I want to happen to my family again or to yours.


So that brings me to share today’s topic.


6 Tips To Consider Before You Buy A New Furnace


tips to consider when buying new furnace


Is it time to buy a new furnace for your home? Investing in a new furnace is a big deal for your budget. They can last up to 20 years or longer and they make a big difference on your monthly expenses. Some signs you need a new furnace include:


  • Steadily rising monthly energy bills
  • Different temperatures in different rooms
  • Soot forming around the furnace registers
  • Noises coming from the furnace


Before you invest in a new furnace, there are a few things you should research and decide. They could be part of your home for the next two decades!


1. Energy Efficient Furnaces


Today’s energy efficient furnaces can be up to 98% efficient, or you can usually find furnaces in the 90-95% range. That’s a big improvement over older furnaces and the standard 80% efficiency many homes now have. While they can cost you more upfront, an energy efficient furnace gives back in the form of savings.


 2. Local Rebates and Incentives


To encourage lower energy use, many places have local rebates and incentives on buying energy efficient appliances or other home renovations. Find out if there are rebates for energy efficient home improvements in your area that can make your purchase more affordable.


3.  Fuel Type


Electricity, natural gas, oil, or propane? The best fuel type will depend on your home, although most furnaces now use natural gas. There are a few exceptions, such as homes that do not use a gas line and where it’s impractical to install one. Talk to a furnace expert about fuel type, especially if your home is atypical.


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4. Get the Right Capacity


More isn’t always better when it comes to a furnace. You want a right-sized furnace that fits the size and demands of your home. If you want to know exactly how many BTUs (British thermal units) your furnace should be able to output, get a home heat loss analysis. A furnace that overproduces won’t be as efficient and can suffer from greater wear and tear.


 5. You Can Get a Free Estimate


You don’t have to pay to get an estimate. Find out if there are furnace technicians in your area who can provide a free estimate for furnace installation.


6. Air Quality


Do you suffer from asthma or allergies, or do you have pets? You need to pay extra attention to air quality in your home. When your furnace is running all winter and no fresh air is getting into your home, air quality can suffer. Invest in extra air quality products like humidifiers, air purifiers, air filters, and more.


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Now that you know these key points about purchasing a furnace, you should be all set to go. Keep in mind that energy efficiency will determine your biggest ongoing costs, and you need the right size furnace for your home. The right furnace will keep your home comfortable without wearing out too soon or costing you too much money on your monthly bills.




  1. HI Vinma, thanks for the post, its awesome. Getting the estimate is the take home from this post but do you think they do this estimate for free?

  2. Thanks for the advice to check a furnace’s BTU and a home heat loss analysis before installing a new unit. My sister wants to winterize her vacation home as early as now so that she can get it rented during autumn and winter to pay for its mortgage. Aside from these tips, I will recommend her to a local furnace service to have it installed. Doing this will help keep it cozy no matter what the season and extend its lifespan in the process.

  3. Cool post Vinma! Personally, I use the electric furnace and I think in terms of safety it’s the best to use.
    Heatercmap recently posted about all kinds of heaters.

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