6 Ways to Parent Kids without Losing your Cool!


I think as  parents we all can admit our anger has gotten the best of us. Out of stress, frustration, or anger we find ourselves yelling before we even know we are doing it. We think what don’t they get, why aren’t they listening, and the list goes on. 

If you can relate, know you are not alone. It is hard at times not to yell. When we yell at our child and take our frustration out, they see it and follow in our footsteps. They see it is okay because we are doing and develop the same manners as us. 

Below are some ways to discipline your child without yelling and losing your cool. I have found every child is different. So you need to take that into consideration. One thing might work great for one child and not great for the other. So not every way below will work for every child. 

Try and see what methods work best for your child and use them! It can help you and your child so much! 

6 Ways to Parent Kids without Losing your Cool!

Parenting kids without losing cool

1. Attend To Your Child

 When your child is acting up, remove them from the situation. Pay attention to their behavior and see if you can find the issue. Are they seeking attention, trouble communicating how they feel, etc. By talking to your child and giving them attention to try and resolve the issue can help. Take a deep breath along with your child and try and see if you can resolve the issue. 

2. Calm Child Down

 If your child is really upset, see if you can get them to calm. Tell them to count if they know how to ten. Or distract them with a book or a toy they can play with. Calming down your child and how depends on their age. Once your child is calm, then see if they can communicate what upset them so much. 

3. Talk Calm But Firm

 This goes along with the first two. When you go to talk to your child to figure out why they were throwing a fit, see if you can find out what is wrong. Say I get your tired, but you can’t hit anyone because your mad. Or whatever the situation is. Make sure when you talk you are calm but they know you are serious when you say their actions are not okay and they can’t hurt others or throw a fit. 

4. Follow Through On Discipline

 If you discipline your child and take a toy away, follow through. Do not give in to your child, because if you do they know you will do it again. You have to stand firm and stand your ground. They have to learn a lesson when you discipline them. They will eventually see that their actions have consequences

5. Teach What They Are Allowed To Do

After you tell a child no they can’t take that toy outside, tell them what they are allowed to do. If they can take another toy outside, then hand them that toy. Giving them an option of something they can do is a way for them to learn what they can do! You don’t want everything to be a simple no. If they can’t color at the moment, maybe they could play with their toy truck. Just give them an option for what they can do. 

6. Praise Them

 When they do things that they are supposed to praise them! Tell them good job for sharing a toy, putting toys up after playing, etc. Make sure you tell them they are doing a great job. This builds up their confidence and teaches them that they can keep doing that because they were praised! 


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