6 Ways to Help Your Teens Build Self-Esteem


Got teenagers? Then you may find this post helpful. While my kids are not there yet, I am not too far away from the predicament! God help me.


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Anyways, let’s talk about boosting self-esteem into this bunch. Trust me, we will need it to diffuse many tense situations while dealing with teen parenting.


It is not unusual for teenagers to have a low self–esteem. There can be many contributing factors to this including peer pressure, hormonal changes in their bodies, academics and feeling grown up when they are still really children.  They face some tough challenges in their teen years. What do they wear? Who should they be friends with? How should they behave in public? What sport should they play? How well will they do with their grades?


These might seem trivial things to many adults, but as a teenagers they can be huge reasons for low self-esteem. Many of them struggle to accept themselves as they are and they worry what the outside world will think of them. Most parents want their children to be confident when it comes to self-worth, and here are a few tips that might help to achieve that.


Helping Your Teens Build Self-Esteem


How to help your teenagers build self-esteem


1. Set Boundaries And Rules


Just like children of all ages, teenagers need boundaries and rules to follow. The difference is that it is better if you explain to them why each boundary and rule is in place, as that will give them an understanding of the reason and stop them from feeling they are being punished. If you need your teenager to help you clean up after your evening meal before he goes out with his friends, explain to them that you have things to do in the evening as well and if you work together to clean up, you can both get started sooner.


2. Help With Their Appearance, If They Want It


Some teenagers will turn to their parents for advice on what to wear, while others will consider parents views to be out of date. If they ask for your help then give it, but remember you are dealing with a generation that dresses differently to how you did at their age.


There is more to appearance than what they wear though. For instance, they may want what appears to be an outlandish hairstyle. If it makes them feel good, let them try it. The beauty of hair is that it grows and if they change their mind it is easy for them to change it.


It could be they have a problem with their teeth and need to have a brace fitted. There are several types available from your orthodontist as explained in a great ceramic braces article on Braces Haven. This explains that each type has advantages, but for teenagers, the ceramic brace might be best as they are cosmetically less noticeable.


3. Give Them Praise


Too often, parents focus on what their children do wrong rather than what they achieve. Without going over the top, you should praise teenagers when they do something well. If they have a particular talent, let them know that you have noticed and admire them for it. They may not get all top grades at school, but as long as they have done their best it deserves a well done.


If you do need to criticize them for something, do it in a constructive way rather than just a telling off. Sarcasm does not go down well with teenagers, but they will generally listen to constructive advice.




4. Listen To their Opinions


This is a time of life when they are forming beliefs and opinions of their own. They may not be the same as yours, but you should respect them all the same. Listen to what they have to say, as it could well be that some guidance is needed, but do not push your opinions onto them as that will help to make them feel pretty useless.


5. Encourage them with their Dreams


Most teenagers will have dreams for the future and you should encourage them to follow them wherever possible. If they have a special talent that they dream of making their living from, learn more about how they have to move forward for that career. Just because there is a tradition of a particular profession in your family does not mean that all your children will want to do it.


They will be more successful if they have an interest in what they have chosen to do, and with such a competitive employment market, talents should not be ignored.


6. It Does Not Last Too Long


There are only 6 teenage years bit those can feel like a very long time for all teenagers. They go through so many traumas and every little problem is a huge disaster for them. All you can do is be supportive and help them to have better self-esteem.



6 Ways to Help Your Teens Build Self-Esteem


  1. There are many ways parents can help their kids build their self esteem. Get them involve in games, encourage them and spend more time with them by telling them their self worth. It is in the hands of parents. I helped my princess by showing her a movie of a little girl battling with self esteem and how she was able to overcome it.

  2. Dealing with kids is very sensitive therefore you have to continually evaluate your relationship with them. I try as much as possible to be open to my kids and make them feel they are a part of my life and in return, they are opened to me as well hence they are confident. I love this post.

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