7 Best Ways to Save Money on Cereal

Have you noticed how expensive the price of cereal has become? It seems while the prices are getting higher, the boxes are getting smaller. And all the while, your family still craves their daily bowl, and so you wonder if you are going to have to go broke paying for it. Well the good news is, there are plenty of simple ways to save money on cereal! You don’t have to empty out your wallet in order to afford your favorite box or two. In fact, you get even more cereal bang for your buck when you give these money saving tips a try. Take a look below at 7 ways to save on cereal and you will never shop for it the same way again.

7 Ways to Save on Cereal

1. Give them a “Like”

Visit the Facebook pages of all of your favorite cereal brands and “like” them. When you do, you will have access to printable coupons, promotions, contests, and even free samples. Give them a like and take advantage of all of the savings they have to offer their followers!

2. Visit their web sites

Visit the websites of your favorite cereal brands where you can also take advantage of printable coupons and promotions. While you are there use their simple contact form and send the company a positive and polite email praising their product and requesting any coupons that may be available.

3. Try the generic brand.

Many of your favorite cereals are also made in a generic variety, or store brand. For many of these cereals, you won’t be able to tell a difference. Cereals such as “Crispy Rice” and “Frosted Wheat Squares” taste just like the real thing and can cost as much as $2 less per box.

4. Check your Catalinas

If you buy cereal often, chances are the catalina machine will print off some valuable cereal coupons for you. I have seen some for as much as $1.25 off a box. Be sure to check out the catalina coupons that print off at check out so you can take advantage of any savings you have coming to you.

5. Keep your eyes peeled!

Keeps your eyes peeled for peelie coupons when shopping for cereal (those are coupons that peel directly off the box) or blinkie coupons (the coupons in the little blinking machine next to the cereal) and really save. While your eyes are looking hard, keep an eye out for cereals that have a TMF offer, or a Try Me Free offer on them so you can submit for a refund when the box is empty.

6. Don’t be afraid to stock up

If you find a great deal on cereal, then don’t be afraid to stock up. Many people fear stocking up on cereal, afraid that it will go bad. Cereal will stay fresh for several months, so if you think you will use it in that time, go ahead and grab several boxes. If you can’t use it for cereal, you can use it in your baking.

7.  Keep it fresh

Many times cereal is wasted simply because it is not packaged up properly once opened. Buy a heavy duty chip clip and use it to close your cereal when not in use. This will keep it fresh and allow you to use the entire box, getting you more savings for the  money spent.

As you can see, saving money on cereal can really be a cinch! Give some of these best ways to save money on cereal  a try and see what a difference it makes in your grocery bill.


  1. I live alone and don’t eat too much cereal. When I do buy some I make sure it is on sale. Then after it is open I put it in the refrigerator–it stays better that way. All the above is very good advise especially for those of you with families who eat cereal almost every morning!

  2. We are not much of a breakfast cereal eating family but use it more like a snack. Some of the prices are insane! I usually try to get the store brand Publix does a great job of copying the recipes. Great tips!

  3. Cereal is soooo expensive and my family goes through it like crazy. I have started buying it at costco as it is the cheapest unless I find a good sale somewhere.

  4. I’m not quite sure what a catalina machine is, so I think I had better go Google that so I don’t miss out. I love all your tips – especially the Facebook page tip. I didn’t know that.

  5. I am not eating cereal (I grew up before cereal became popular for breakfast, but I know my neighbor’s kids love it. I hope the prices are not getting way too high – children love cereals and depending on which you buy, some can be actually healthy too!

  6. These are some good tips! One thing I do is use regular binder clips from the office supply section to securely seal the bags after they are opened the first time.

  7. Great tips! My favourite is try generic! I always thought they weren’t as good until I was looking for ways to cut cost! I was amazed how tasty they are!

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