7 Chores for Kids to do After School

These 7 Chores for Kids to do After School  are going to revamp your family schedules during school season.  Kids can easily juggle a few simple chores after school.  These things will help you as well as teach them responsibility.  Some of these things are chores around the house, and others are more for their personal development and should be included in their daily chore lists.

7 Chores for Kids to do After School

7 Chores for Kids to do After School

Homework. Finishing any homework they have should be number one on their list.  While this isn’t a household chore, it is their responsibility and should be taken seriously.  Set up a homework station or area that is designated to their after school homework needs.  Make sure to give them all the tools they need for the job and remember to make this the first and most important after school chore they do.

Feeding pets.  If you have cats, dogs, fish, birds or lizards your children should be able to help care for them. Even from a young age they can help with changing out water and food regularly.  If you have an automatic feeder for your pets, you kids can make sure it is full each day.  They can also empty and refill water bowls, as well as spend time playing with pets or even taking dogs for walks as they get older and can handle them and cleanup easier.

Vacuuming.  A vacuum is usually light weight and easy for any kid to manage using with ease.  Whether your kids vacuum only their bedroom, or help with the entire house this is a great after school chore kids should be doing.  It helps you to tackle a need and them to learn about proper cleaning techniques.  

Doing their laundry.  For younger kids this can be just simply sorting darks and whites or putting clothing away once you have washed and dried them.  For older kids, it is easy to assign them to do all of their own laundry.  This includes sorting, washing, drying, folding and putting things away.

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Helping with meals.  Meal prep, setting the table, reheating foods or even cooking a complete meal can be a part of your kids after school chore routines.  Younger kids can help by rinsing vegetables, gathering supplies and setting the table.  Older kids can help reheat prepared items, prep vegetables or even assist with cooking.  Tweens and teens can easily and safely cook meals all on their own.

Cleaning their bathrooms.  Younger kids can help by gathering things like towels and washcloths to go into the laundry.  They can also use sanitizing wipes to clean counters, or wipe down mirrors with glass spray and paper towels.  Older kids can clean toilets, sweep, mop and even clean and scrub showers or bath tubs.

Keep their room clean.  This includes putting away toys, books, clothing and dusting or vacuuming can be assigned to even younger kids.  Set up their room with the proper tools to keep it clean like a well organized closet, proper shelving and a toy bin.

These 7 Chores for Kids to do After School  will help teach your children responsibility while giving you a break from all the chores each day.


  1. This is a great read! My son has become super independent due to starting him off with small chores at the age of 2. He’s 6 years old now and he gets himself ready for school in the morning, cleans his room, takes out trash, loves to cook and just enjoys helping out.

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