7 Creative Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self-Care

I found essential oils only a few weeks ago but already head over heels with it! It’s surprising that it took a while for me to truly understand the power it brought forth into my life considering Self-Care is my motto and all. But as they say, better late than never!

Now, if you do love Essential Oils like me but looking for ways to use them for your own self-care, you came along to the right spot! Today, we discuss all creative ways to use essential oils that are certain to hit the mark!


Essential oils are great.


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And with how popular they have become over the last few years, it’s safe to say that they aren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. This is good news! Now that we’ve gotten a better understanding of essential oils, it’s time to dive in and find ways to use essential oils for self-care. It’s entirely possible for your essential oils to help make you feel better physically and mentally! I live by this every day.


7 Creative Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self-Care


How to use essential oils


These creative ways to use essential oils are perfect for your personal self-care needs!


Start your day off with a shower or bath


But not just any shower or bath…one with essential oils, of course! Add a few drops onto the walls of your shower and you’ll be smelling that lovely scent the entire time you’re steaming away.


Add some drops of essential oil to your lotions


Taking care of your skin is essential, so it just makes sense to pair your lotion up with your favorite soothing or relaxing essential oils blend. (Make certain that you’re educating yourself on the blends that are skin-safe to use!)


Treat your lips to nice a nice essential oils pout


Did you know that you can even add essential oils to your lip balm? If you love to create and DIY, making your own lip balm infused with essential oils is totally doable!


Add some drops of essential oil to your dryer


Clean clothes are the best smell, but one way to elevate that even more is to add some drops to your dryer when your clothes are in there. You’ll pull out those nice warm clothes and love how they smell, instantly!



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Massage those muscles to relax


A few drops of peppermint essential oils into a lotion can help loosen up those muscles. Not too mention, your nostrils will thank you as well because it has been said to help clear sinuses and even potentially help with headaches.


Set up your essential oil diffuser on your porch or your bedroom


Grab an extension cord and a book, and head out to your porch. Take in the sunshine, the scenery and some quiet time while enjoying the scents and benefits of your diffuser as well. Same works in your bedroom as well, and that’s where mine is! This is the diffuser I use,  pretty cool!


Keep your skin safe when exploring Mother Nature


If you find great peace in exploring the outdoors, you’re not alone. It’s so relaxing and wonderful to see all the beauty of Mother Nature. The one thing that can really bite during that time though, are the bugs! Use your essential oils to create a DIY bug spray that will save your skin and your sanity.


These creative ways to use essential oils for self-care aren’t hard and can be really effective! Educate yourself on the best essential oil options for you and then have fun treating your mind, body, and soul!

Any questions, shoot them in comments 🙂


xoxo Mama.



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