7 DIY Home Decorating Ideas

When you are trying to save money but still make your home look beautiful, these 7 DIY Home Decorating Ideas can definitely come in handy.  Not only are you helping the environment by using something old instead of buying new, you will be giving your home a truly unique look that can’t be found anywhere else.  Some of these are general ideas, while others are pretty specific.  Depending on your individual needs, upcycled home décor can be a fun and easy way to change how your home looks.

7 DIY Home Decorating Ideas

7 DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Pallets as shelves, tables and more

  Pallets have become a popular upcycled project staple over the last several years.  Many individuals break them down and paint the individual boards to create things like signs or frames.  Others use them as a building block for benches, chairs or even tables.

Upcycle Old Dressers

  Old chests and dressers are a great item to find or dig out of storage and upgrade with a new stain or coat of paint.  If you are great with crafting, you can use them to create new tables, entry seats or other fun projects by taking some drawers out and creating open spaces for seating or storage.

Old doors used as display areas, mirrors and more

An old door can be a great base for tons of upcycled home décor ideas.  Paint it and hang in your home on a wall to create a unique statement piece.  Add unique hardware to it to hang jewelry, ties, scarves and belts in your bedroom.  Paint and and lay on its back with legs underneath to create a unique table.  The ideas are endless, and the cost can’t be beat.

Old kitchen utensils painted

 Great displays in kitchens and dining rooms come from taking old utensils, pots, pans and bowls and hanging them.  Spray paint in great colors to match your theme and secure to your walls in an eclectic display.

Display unique vintage glassware

Mason jars are the most popular items the last few years, but old soda bottles, perfume bottles and more can be great accent pieces to bring a pop of unique color or fun to your bookcases and display shelves.

Create a nature wall

This is a fun concept that some have embraced recently.  Grab things like seashells, limbs, branches, driftwood, dried flowers and other items from nature and arrange on your wall into a fun nature display.

Painted hubcap displays.  Whether your decorating your sons bedroom wall, the man cave or simply a den that is family oriented painted hubcaps are a great choice.  Shine up the chrome ones and hang, or grab some spray paint and paint to match your décor.  These add a touch of fun and whimsy to an otherwise dreary wall.

These upcycled DIY home décorating ideas are perfect for the family that wants a unique look without the cost of designer pieces.  Think outside the box to use some basic household items to create fun new décor pieces that will pop with color and personality throughout your home.

photo credit: In Rose and Columns String Lights in Purple | Mod Retro Vintage Decor Accessories | ModCloth.com via photopin (license)


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