7 Family Activites Perfect For Winter Snow

I love snow days, and this list of fun family activities are perfect for winter snow days!  Not only can you do some great activities with your kids, but it’s easy to accomplish no matter how cold outside it happens to be!  Family activities are always important for building strong relationships, a family bond and understanding between kids and parents.  These ideas are sure to make your next snow day fun.

7 Family Activities Perfect For Winter Snow

Video Game Competitions

 Grab the controllers and your favorite competitive game and have a great afternoon competing with each other to see who is the reigning champion of something like Mario Kart.  Video games are great for fun family activities that everyone will enjoy.  You can relax with your favorite drinks and snacks and enjoy a fun filled day of friendly competition.

Board Game Competitions

  There is nothing as much fun as grabbing the board games and seeing who has the best strategy to win!  Classic games like Monopoly, Clue and even Parcheesi are great for all ages.  For a bit more fun, you can pull out card games like Skip Bo, Uno, Phase 10 or even old school poker.  

Snowball fights in the front yard

 Bundle up and head out to the front yard to shovel snow into forts and have a good old fashioned snowball fight.  Divide kids against parents, or boys against girls for one of the all time best family activities that are perfect for winter snow days!

Building a fort indoors

 This is great for younger kids, but even the big kids will have fun pulling out blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and more to create a comfortable fort to watch movies, play games or even color some great pictures in while you hang out as a family.

Dance competitions

 Turn up the tunes and dance the day away!  You can easily pick out your favorite songs from your childhood, let your kids pick their favorites and even grab a few songs that are new to both of you.  Try to create fun new dances, or even turn on a YouTube video to train everyone how to do the latest dance craze.  

Family karaoke

  There is nothing like singing karaoke with your family!  Grab the karaoke machine and your favorite classic music tracks and have fun belting out the tunes.  See who can carry a tune or who has the best memory for the classic lyrics.

Read a book together

 For a quiet version of fun family activities for a snow day, you can grab a great book and take turns reading.  The Harry Potter series of books is a great choice for families that enjoy a bit of action and adventure.  Some families enjoy reading classics like Charles Dickens work, or even picking up something that is a bit more up and coming like the Divergent books or even the latest best seller.  

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These fun family activities are ideal for a quiet day at home in a winter snow storm.  Not only will you create new bonds everyone will remember for years, you will create new traditions everyone will ask for year to year.  

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