7 Genius Laundry Hacks You’ll Love


Doing laundry is not my first choice when it comes to housekeeping. I try to put it off as much as I can until there is a big pile of clothes that is up to my nose. Although it finds its way to the washer, it might be days until the clothes end up in the dryer. At that point, I don’t even remember if I washed them in the first place. And don’t even get me started on the folding part! You know how the story goes.  It is a vicious cycle, in my opinion.


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Everyone wants to find an easier way to manage their laundry, so I think it is appropriate to share some amazing laundry hacks I know you’ll love. These simple ideas make it much easier to manage your mountain of laundry each week, and they are super easy to incorporate into your routine. Anything that makes laundry easier to manage is a welcome change!


7 Genius Laundry Hacks You’ll Love

Genius laundry hacks



1. Use sorting hampers to save time on laundry day.


This is a great classic laundry hack that many have been using for years. Rather than going through the frustration of sorting laundry by color and wash requirements on wash day, simply do it as the clothing comes off. Invest in sorting hampers for each bedroom and utilize one bin for whites, one for darks, and one for delicates. This makes it easy to simply dump your laundry basket into the washing machine without fear of mixing a white in with something that will stain it.


2. Remove stains with hydrogen peroxide.


There are tons of stain removers on the market that are effective but costly. Instead of tackling every stain with a pricey remover, use hydrogen peroxide in small amounts on stains to remove them. For harder to remove stains,
you can mix 1 part dish soap with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and rub in using a small brush. The addition of the dish soap helps cut through grease and harder to remove stains. Make sure to add these items to the laundry right away so they rinse out easily.


3. Use a dry erase marker to make notes on your washing machine door.


This now popular trick has made the rounds on social media in recent months and works wonderfully as a reminder. It’s great for those items that can be washed regularly but need to be dried at different temperatures. Using a dry erase marker to make notes for yourself helps you to make sure you don’t accidentally damage a sweater or pant that needs to be dried on a lower setting or perhaps air-dried instead.


4. Use baby powder to remove grease stains.


For fresh grease stains, sprinkle a bit of baby powder on the area to absorb the grease and easily remove it. This helps soak up any residual grease and leaves your clothing without that unsightly mark from a grease spill.


5. Use baking soda to freshen whites.


Instead of using harsh bleach, add ½-1 cup of baking soda to your load of whites every few washes. This will keep them bright, fresh, and also help remove any pesky odors that may linger. Add socks to delicates bags so none go missing. If you are always struggling to find missing socks, this is a great solution. Simply wash your socks inside a delicates bag so they all stick together. This also makes folding and sorting after they are washed and dried easy
for anyone in the house to manage.



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6. Save money by making your own laundry products.


This is a great laundry hack you’ll love because it helps save you money and is more eco-friendly. There are tons of great recipes out there for homemade laundry products, but this is by far the easiest one to make. It is a great powder version that can be stored in an airtight container.

Laundry Detergent:


 1 bar soap grated or shaved (Ivory or Fels Naptha are most popular)

 1 cup borax

 1 cup washing soap

10-15 drops essential oil of choice


Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Use 1 tablespoon for a small load of laundry. Use 3 tablespoons for a large load of laundry.


These laundry hacks are great for making your mountain of laundry easier to handle. Not only can you make laundry time easier to manage, but you’ll find your clothing is cleaner, fresher, and your stress levels are lower.


Happy washing (Said no one EVER 😉 )




With love, Vinma



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7 Genius Laundry Hacks You\'ll Love

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